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What’s best for your Enterprises – Mobile Web App/Responsive Web Design?

By: Anna Louise

The continues evolution in the mobile industry, regular release of a new mobile operating system versions, availability of huge varieties of mobile apps from various apps stores and high-speed internet connections have transformed the method clients use their devices. There are different list of iOS App Source Code available in AppnGame website.

Responsive vs Mobile Web Apps and iOS App Source Code

As per a survey report, global app devices and connections in 2015 increased to USD 7.4- billion up from 6.9 billion in 2014. The vast majority of mobile data traffic (97%) will create from smart mobile devices. The global mobile data traffic will rise tenfold in 2014-2019. This revolution is influencing some firms to shift strategies for their businesses. But the shift from PC to mobile needs designers to re-focus not completely away from web designs however with an inclinational towards app mobile.

There’re different ways to approach mobile web presence like implementing separate website or web app. The popular and recent seems to be responsive designs.  This explains the difference in responsively and web apps. It also provides a framework for resolving main factors queries decision makers have. It includes what categories to consider if selecting mobile web app and responsive deigns.

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The paper examines the advantages and disadvantages and shows a sample scenario from the retail industries as well as case study. As the paper guides us in how to create the right choice, ut draws upon valued experience that helps companies succeed in evolving mobile eco-system.

Mobile Web App and iOS App Source Code

If a programmer develops a site then they design it for large screen as well. Also they need to review it properly how it looks when user browse this site from mobile. If audience clicks on web links within website their phone, navigation and reading become tough, requiring zooming and re-sizing to click or read. The common option enterprises looking for the new mobile version of a site is to create a website.

It’s separate version of website that audience are re-directed to if they access websites through mobile and tablets. The main benefit of implementing mobile version of the site is that it offers an optimized view in tablets and mobile devices. And what’s Mobile App? It’s increasingly popular types of app development in which the apps are developed to run on internet from central server from where it is accessed by devices with browses.

The web technologies used to create an app are Sencha, HTML-5, JQeury and others. The web technologies are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. A web app combines the versatilities of website with functionalities of enables mobile devices. Thus, the apps offer the advantages of the regular website. It’s applicable in web browsers and a wide range of mobile devices.

It provides some of features supported by native apps- feel and rich look, offline web browsing location based web services and video capabilities. As mobile web app is web based they’re compatible with key smart. In simple terms, responsive web design is methodologies that recommend the implementation of design of the site that replies to audience behaviors. The iOS App Source Code is compatible in all platforms that are used in iPad and iPhone mobile apps.

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