Jul 15

Learn how to Monetize an App with AdMob

By: Anna Louise

Many people are learning about platforms of iOS and Android App Reskinning methods to make money. Mostly you’ll find free apps to use and using AdMob for monetization of apps. In this model, they’ve to face many problems and still some issues they’ve. I’ve discussed some details about monetizing apps through AdMob. You should know which platform is better, Windows 8 app, iOS or Android.

Android App Reskinning

Mostly developer’s talk about actual cost that is used to create an app. Developers cost for Google-Play is very low. We’ve to spend USD 25 at the time of registration. For iOS programmer, it is only of USD 99 (free). At Windows ‘store apps programmer account is USD 49 annually.  You can also learn iOS and Android App Reskinning through its course on net.  

As per my suggestion, you may select Android platform when you’ve not tried to advertise an app or you’ve no details about monetization of app. Its reason is simple. It’s affordable and enough time to catch the monetization experience.  If your vision is clear and you know what you’ve to do then Apple’s store is best choice. This is mature marketplace for developers and organization to distribute apps to clients. Thus, iOS account is very expensive. Now join any service provider and Make Money with Android Apps

As personal option, Windows Store is a very new App market. There are about 10k apps in Windows Store, and more than 80% apps are free apps. The number is quite small, compare with both Stores. Less competitive, but the user base is quite low as well. You can create your own app and by using Android App Reskinning you can upload and Make Money with Android Apps.

Many people think about rewards to find the type of business they need. They’ll be surprised to know about the amount that they can earn. Few programmers are afraid that they’ll not earn any amount from apps, thus they’ve decided to leave their ideas. For new comers, they need tips. Find below one AdMob income sample, a weather report’s app.


Revenue $19.47
e-CPM $2.02
Requests 9,685
Impressions 9653
Fill rate 99.67%
CTR 2.09%
7 Days AdMob Ads Revenue Report

You can increase your revenue like

Impressions Is reported when an individual ad is shown on your site.
CTR (Click-through Rate) Number of ad’s click based on many impressions, page queries, or received views.
CPC (Cost-per-Click) Amount you earn every time when player clicks on ad
Revenue Impressions x CTR x CPC
AdMob Ads Revenue Factors

Now you can Make Money with Android Apps and from your App-Presser apps by showing ads from AdMob ad network. I would suggest you to send us your comments regarding UI-GRAPHIC-ASSETS.


AppAds allows you to display a banner ad on top/bottom of your app.

“<script>         parent.postMessage(Detail Ad Displayed ‘, ‘*’);


jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

$(‘.show-admob’).on(‘click’, function(event) {

parent.postMessage(Detail Ad Displayed ‘, ‘*’);});});”

“<a href=”#” class=”show-admob”>Detail Ad Displayed</a>”

Thus, AdMob is multi platform network which allow you to monetize apps. It must be integrated in right ways. It only takes 5 minutes. Meanwhile please note that Android App Reskinning method is very easy.

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