Jun 29

How to localize Android Apps?

By: Anna Louise

Localization is a process of providing the required resources to app based on the device’s language settings.An Android app can work on different devices in different region. You can make money with Make Money with Android Apps. In order, to make your app more inter-active, it should handle number, text, files, numbers etc in method suits to locales where app will be used.

After providing translation, Android OS will select the resources that match locale of user.  If app is available in different languages then it will choose the language on device. English is default language, so it means when you’ll make Android SDK comes in English.  There’ll be no change in code.  No need to limit it for only one market. App’s store has global coverage. You’ll also learn about Android App Reskinning.

Why it matters?

Find below some reasons why it’s important.

·  There’re approximate 7 billion worldwide and accounting of 96% of world populations.

·  Many subscriber are located in Asia

What’s return on ROI (investment) for app localization?

·  Organizations saw a 26% raise in revenue for every country added through app’s localization. What’s next, this result was achieved in one week by offering it.

·  The ‘app localization effect’ on download is striking.

Localizing Android Apps

There’re many practices for cross platform app’s localization. Whether you’re localizing Android/iOS apps, here is some best one:

1. Resources

Consider resources that are not code: images, content, videos, etc. Resources mean data and .exe files. It has 2 types externalize and default resources. Externalize means the first and main step in this process to restore to external files.  You must visit Valentine Flowers Shooting app and send us your reviews or comments about it.

//   src(Source)
        drawable-en/            background.png
        drawable-fr/            background.png
        layout-/            activity_main1.xml

2. Layout

While designing and to complete this process, you’ve to consider length of sentences and words in all languages. It has different types like flexible layout, Right-to-left & text layout.

3. Context

While making context your team can also check the quality level. Translator may select wording base in the app with available space.

4. Testing

Once you get resources & translated strings and move them back in apps, test with guarantee that there is no problem.

5. App Store

The App’s store listing is main impression global users, thus mention it in all versions. Don’t forget to localize Android Apps description, App screenshots on phones & tablets and Promotional graphics and videos

How to localize Android apps?

Android apps use ‘.XML files’ to save translatable content. Find below simple example.

start tag
	<string-name="contact_text">Contact us
end tag

The translation file for the target language would look like this:

	<string-name="contact_text">Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας

It’s necessary to localize the string which is used in app’s user-interface. For instance, no need to localize restores messages which are used in development. You must not localize date/time to database.

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