Oct 13

Make Money with Mobile Games in the New App Market

By: Anna Louise

Making an app is not just fun, building an apps is a business and today everyone wants to earn money. There are number of options are available for monetization of your app what is should you adopt.

The monetization model from one day will make sure to increase the download of your app. we need to consider three pricing models that help to split more revenue for you. If you are going to make your new app, you can use this monetization method for your apps.

Here is you need to pay attention here

1- Freemium for Games and Apps

This is one of the good ways to monetization option for games & app. this is one of the good ways for generating revenue. According to the report of the Distimo’s, its generate 76% revenue from the apple store and 90% revenue from the Asian market.

This is kind of feeder system, users can download your free app and can easily purchase the full version that will offer you lots more functionality &game play.

2- One time paid ads

You need to just once download the app. updates and features are expected to be free. If you want to launch paid app this must be necessary for users to pay to download without first sampling it. Users did not repeat revenue from existing customers. For continue revenue stream, you just have to look new customers each time.

3-Paid apps with added paid features

It is hybrid monetization model which gained traction fairly recently. There are many people who feel this is unfair to pay download an app. this is very tricky for you to make an app on this. You need to done very cleverly with a value proposition.

4- Free apps with advertising

Above all the options which require the user to pay to use but this is one of the monetization models is very excellent that is free app with advertising. Through this way your app will receives over the 330 downloads every day.

You can not only get large number of downloads but also use app on a frequent basis. There are various options to monetize; the good way to get any kind revenue growth through these years is get money from existing customers. The lifetime making customers is making an app is good business.