Feb 7

How App Monetization Process Helps us to Make Money

By: Anna Louise

Why are you developing a mobile app? Yes, you need to cultivate loyalty, create awareness about company in users, gain new clients and provide benefits.  Sometimes, mobile app developments are other best channels for brand and you need to add everything you need to add in it before launching. Some users enter in mobile app arena as they need to become infatuated with million dollar success of Apps like ‘WhatsApp’. However using latest tools, it’s very easy to Make Your Own Game.

Impact of App Monetization and Process to Make Your Own Game

Mobile is big deal however it doesn’t mean it’ll magically lead to big agreement for us. You should build sustainable business not only a one hit wonder. Consider about statistics- 2% of programmer claims about 55% of revenue generated from apps business. Thus, how you can join that alluring 2%. Have perfect idea to gain profit from an app. Check it properly before verifying.

If you’re app marketers or developer with a determination to earn revenue from apps, you should learn properly about 6 bankable monetization strategies you may use.  App monetization is important for today’s mobile apps. Given the sheer size of app market, monetization process has a science with its own principles.

Unfortunately, due to somewhat closed marketplace, app monetization has very hard and you’ll need diligence, creativity, lot of patience and creativity to develop an actionable monetization’s model, one which bring profit both short and long terms. From last some years, we’ve worked with some users who were not successful and successful is one of sector that shine the most if it comes to different app marketing tactics.

However this guide may cover all apps models out there and it’ll give enough insights to get you going thus you may hopefully get most of mobile apps. Now you’ll learn the important of planning for app monetization before development. You should know about popular app monetization strategies that you can follow to get success. How to solve the problems? AppnGame is mobile game company that uploads many games on daily basis like Pop Star 2017

Defining Mobile App Monetization

This is a process of finding suitable and sustainable bankable models that will assist you to make money through developed app. For this purpose, you’ve to work for many years in app development business field. Some developer or programmer has rich overnight. We should know what it means.  It quickly leads to market over-saturation.

Different amount of money that mobile apps have fetched to table may trick in-experienced programmer into thinking that app monetization is simple task. As you’ve seen that process to Make Your Own Game is not simple. You need to make game according to needs of 21st Century. This will give you guarantee success. Proper focus is required on B2B apps, paid models, in-app purchases etc.

There’re two different ways to make money with in-app purchases & advertising. The first one is impression and clicks. Facebook developers successful develop well targeted advertising. Thus revenue rises by 151%. The real formula is C-P-I = similar apps + perfect pop-up.

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