Aug 21

Marketing of your Mobile App in App Marketplace

By: Anna Louise

App market is a source for pre-built business solution on AppnGameReskin Platform, tools and extension to help in building faster apps. We will discuss here introduction of marketing and different market strategies that are applicable in App Marketplace.

Introduce and Strategies to implement in App Marketplace

Marketing and cross platform promotion is important in acquiring users and creating awareness in brand and develop confidence in audience for your app. If you have spent time, money and efforts on building and conceptualizing an app, now next step is to market your item and get success. Every product has 3 life stages of marketing like pre-launch, launch and post launch. It means you should know 3 stages building awareness, focus on ASO, build and maintain user engagements.

You should ask following things like target market and outcomes you want to see in this field. It is also important to improve target App Marketplace if you want to do research about your idea. Also identify this market. Reaching to the user’s one that will reply positively to app can be most effective method to spark word of mouths business. Market your experience, not an app.

Now it is time to decide basic objective and achieve your required place. Must focus on building users and maximize revenue. Now answer of this question may affect what app marketing channel choice you are making to reach your users and encourage visitors. Identify main goals that will maintain your investment requirements and budget. If you’re mobile app is free and you are currently concentrating on creating largest audience network (if possible). You need investment and funds to support their approach as you are not generating profit at outsets.

You must think about this process and your decision that will drive any marketing program. Your plan should align with business needs that may fund it- both are very crucial and it must be considered in an isolation of other. If you are making any plan you must find out following things-

  • Current market analysis
  • Business objectives
  • Main app marketing strategies
  • Steps to achieve objectives
  • Proposed budgets
  • Timing

Now the main Strategies you must focus are mentioned below:-

  • Public relation
  • Showing an online presence through a site
  • List building
  • Link through social media
  • Launching procedure and party


To obtain the place in App store you need to work or fight hard. As per Distimo, only 2% of main 250 publishers in App Store of Apples are newcomers. It’s also similar to story of Android apps or Google Play for Android apps. Only 3% of publisher is new. The app’s store launch must be on top priority as getting it right is most important factor influencing success of app.

ASO- App Store Optimization

In white paper on app marketing; Apppli has reported that 61% of downloads come from an organic search in an app’s store. Remember that audience can also discover your app that is important. ASO is now positioning and how users find an app in store. It is based on 5 factors.

  • App’s name
  • Design of an App icon
  • The wording: the right keywords, what’s new sections and description
  • Valuable screenshots
  • Reviews