Jul 11

Parsing shut down- Migrating from parse to Back endless

By: Anna Louise

With shutdown of parse, companies are surprised due to alternative platform of mobile apps is available for them, which is good. However, there’re many alternatives out there for taking. When you’re finding for ‘Parse Migration’ alternative, make sure that parse is created migration tool for programmer to move it to any ‘MongDB’. App developer is enabling to manage all these things in proper way. As parse migration is expensive. You’ll require to have devoted team to work on every project. Allocate entire racks of them; make all databases, hardware because you go modules that you want. Entangle them in web of tech-creativity. This is an entitlement of balancing it in own backyard. Own and earn it. However, as alternate you can use heroku, Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Google Firebase. However, on Facebook, you’ll find daily apps for sale with branded landing tab. We’ve also discussed some tip for migrating.

Parse is cloud solution for mobiles hold by Facebook and just stated that it’ll be shutting down their service as of Jan 2017. With 3 things are clear to use best services, to start with new one can be unsuccessful to make it as business. It’s said that Parse has lost wars with Google and Amazon in-spite of offering perfect product at lower cost. Thus this decision has been taken. A third party backend solution is not fixed forever and if you’re developing a mobile app with parse then you should think transiting to different solutions. Facebook is also used for advertising Apps for Sale.

Initiating migration from Parse:-

First we’ve to check the integration of parse. It offers special services which are required by all mobile app like login/logout, push notification, simple logic in user and highly and simple configurable database. Be worried when you’ve difficult logic during integration between parse and other party or in your app. Main features should be ranked and defined properly. Create shortlist of same solutions and evaluate them. Select required solution so that you shouldn’t worry for it. You’ve to decide if you need to stick with cloud solutions. Fiasco is already proving its importance and significance. Its type of compulsory for items with already installs base and proven traction. You may consider of changing current set-up to server. Parse has published module that allows work. You should ultimately take decision on which stage of item. In which market it is required. However on the other side, in private Facebook section, we see some programmers are experimenting with high end variations of Reskinning. Now, you can Reskin Apps for Profit. If you’ve decided with this business then it would be scalable and profitable.

Must review code, it depends on for-most things such as team efforts, transparency, perfect processes and team efforts. It’s also said that do same with project as you did review that shows you details about app. For parse fiasco, it would be helpful. Now migration will happen, take it easy and take deep breath.

Now Facebook parse has announced that they’re shutting down and it’s big deal as big amount of iOS app use Parse as backend including Vevo, Even the white house and Eventbrite. There’re many alternatives like custom backend, parse server, cloud-kit, AWS Mobile Hub and firebase.

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