Jul 2

Mobile App Monetization and Make money 10 Time-Tested Strategies

By: Anna Louise

In this article I’ve discussed mobile app monetization strategies. Also I’ve mentioned ways to make money from iPhone or Android apps. The most common factor people should think is whether app must be paid or free. Few people don’t want paid apps and some like paid. However most apps are free that are used to promote. When you’ll think for paid apps then I’ve also mentioned strategies for your information. One of common way to monetize apps is to publish ads in your app. Here we’ll discuss all. Reskin App Services are like Ad networks that are fully integrated for mobile app monetization purpose, full submission at app’s store and complete re-skin of app. It means you may make big money trough Reskinning.`

Many organizations are finding that an app’s interface may revolve data to new profit streams. Market analysts have estimated that app revenue is reached to USD 25 billion in 2015. On the other side, USD 70 would be in 2017. App programmer and Google/Apple app store are not only ones earnings from this boom.

Find below some possible ways to Monetize a Mobile App:-

Nowadays app building process is easy. But monetizing this app is become impossible, mentioned how drenched the marketplace. Thus, check how builders may make money from apps, monetizing app is only become harder. Many programmers sell their Reskin App Source Code to other people.

1. Sign-up & Email

When you’ll have newsletter then push it with the help of app. Nothing wrong to build an app that drives customers to website.

2. V-I-P Levels of App’s Usage

Using trial version, user knows all about app, however it is good to provide two options, a paid and a cheap/free version and then building app.

3. Advertising / Mobile App Monetization

Despite programmers adding subscription services and in-app purchasing, customer wants to get free services. Expanded add product of different size work properly on mobiles.

4. SMS Marketing

This is part of strategy must include for user’s mobile numbers. It’s efficient trend. You can stay in touch with customers.

5. Partnerships

Partner with organization that has same base and searching methods to integrate their offering for recommendation fee.

6. A Solid Content Strategy

After finishing and release of app, you’ve completed your job because it was only start. It’s vital to have 3-5 years strategy after release of app.

7. Multiple Payment Options

In monetization process while subscribing, give more options that’s asymmetrically dominated. If your economist will be good then you can manage this process.

8. White Label Your Code

If you make perfect apps, you may license code to programmers and earn money. When you design something useful and powerful that can attract users.

9. A Blended Model

Instead of giving time in only adding tons of in-app purchases op, try to blend mix of some different monetizing strategies. Add some important features.

10. A ‘Data-Driven’ App Engagement Strategy

Mobile marketer should focus on customer’s acquisition and re-arranging their present base.

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