Jan 12

Web-Based or Native? Choosing the Right Approach for Mobile Apps

By: Anna Louise

We’ve mentioned some important points which must be considered to making decision about web based or native apps. Thus you need to decide to develop mobile apps. The problem of sustainability and profitability in this app development industry is limited to mobile app reskinners.

Whether, it’s an extension of digital offers of a website or an app. There’s basic decision which is required to make in right away that will play important role in long term success of endeavor. It can be web based or native app.

Native Apps Vs Web-base Apps and task of Mobile App Reskinners!

A native app is built for specific platform like Android or iPhone, with codes libraries and accessing their hardware features. A web based app is one that is accessed from browser on mobile and hosted on web. Native’s app is installed with help of apps store like Apple’s and Google Play. They’re specially developer for one platform and give benefit to all devices.

However web apps runs by browser and written in HTML5. These apps are popular when HTML5 came and user realized that they may get native like functionality in web browser.   Let’s discuss about positive and negative points of both apps. Native apps inclined to be responsive and faster.

As the code is stored on mobile phone, there’s no time spent waiting for images and text. Dynamic contents are access from website. Native apps are stored locally on phone temporarily. With new features and technologies will allow us to be completed in web based environment.

With native apps approach you can access to platforms’ hardware features allows interesting functionalities like accessing GPS information, taking photos, making calls etc.  Because web based apps are platform uncertain they don’t have access to features.

The main drawback to create native apps vs web based app is that code base should be maintained and created for each individual platforms. For instance, if you’ve decided to initially develop an iPhone App, you will design it, code and deploy an app to App’s store.

As there’re may be saving in porting an app from one phase to another. From designing point of view, task of modifying the feel and look from once platform to another, for instance from iPhone to Android. From web development perspective but, the code is based on different languages and will have to re-written to mimic the original app’s functionality.

The biggest upside to web based approach is the main downside to native one. While creating web based app you’re centralizing you’re offering.  Users will be able to access the app & utilize it immediately.

Additionally, updates to app happen in real time automatically. There’s no wait in App’s store. Another main point in web based approach is that you’re not tied with set of rules set forth by rules of app’s store. It’s worth mentioning here that, from technical perspective things moves forward quickly on mobile web.

For Mobile App Reskinners, there’re some task limitations that they help to estimate cost of app. It means reskinner have more influence even to regular developers.

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