Jan 27

What is Mobile Application Reskinning

By: Anna Louise

What is Reskinning Apps?

Mobile Application reskinning is a method by which one acquires the license to use source code from an already developed and tested application and change the theme, graphics, and sounds to make a whole new application.

Why choose the Reskinning method?

Why Reskinning an Application Instead of Developing New? There is a very good answer to this question, and it is directly related to costs, duration, and performance risk.

The cost: App development from scratch costs much greater than if you bought an existing code for purposes reskinning. How much does it cost? You can acquire a well worked, tested and ready to go out Reskinning – source code for under $350. In most cases, you can have a developer designer and graphics that make a reskin for less than the cost of the code. Developing this same code from scratch can cost you from $3,000 – $7,000.

Duration: As stated earlier, you can purchase a code for reskinning on average for $ 350 that is ready for reskinning out of the box. If you outsource the top quality work for reskinning you can expect to pay an additional $ 350. A reskin is usually done within a week and ready to be released, so we are $ 700 in total to date.

Performance: What I mean by performance is two things: the performance of the Mobile Application that is built, and the performance of the application for the return on investment (ROI). With a reskin, I know exactly how it will perform functionally as I can download it from the App Store and play myself. I can imagine it with different themes and graphics; it is a tangible asset in its present state.

Benefits of getting Apps Reskin services

Less expensive, more flexible

Software on-line – called SaaS, for Software as a Service – is consumed on demand via subscription per user per month. In contrast, the traditional software installed on each station is acquired via a license. Subscription and licensing are the tips of the iceberg, and on this point, SaaS are more expensive than licenses. On the other hand, the subscription covers 70% of the costs related to the implementation of the software, while the license covers only 10%.

Security and Privacy

You should not mix security and confidentiality of data. These are two very distinct notions. Security is concerned with the availability and integrity of data, while confidentiality concerns the right of use. On the other hand, the lack of security of cloud solutions is a myth for the vast majority of them for a simple reason: a company cannot secure its data and cloud service provider whose business it is full time.

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Subscription License
Installation any On each station
Setting simple advanced
Maintenance included at your expense
Data hosting included at your expense
Updates included at your expense
User Prerequisites Free modern browser Modern computer
Technical support included at your expense
high-speed Internet essential accessory
Balance sheet winner losing