Jul 12

Mobile Apps and Big Data – Combo of the Future?

By: Anna Louise

Mobility and Cloud continues to re-shape the IT landscape, as mega-trends of Big data. Mostly companies are taking action by changing their solution to provide better support and visibility. Generally, the CEO or directors says that mobile app is tipping the bar about the queries of customers and need support. To support customers, many hottest languages (No-SQL) are used in development. The important matter is to monitor the performance of Mobile App due to increasing its importance in marketplace.

Another research report states ‘driven by the increasing importance of mobile app endpoints and web technologies will become more significant to a company.

Mobility is changing its way on which we do our work. Mobile apps are balanced to over-take web browsing often.  If anything that can be considered bigger than mobile that can be ‘BIG DATA’. We can say that big data is everywhere. I’ve also seen that the other day, something with 90% lines (stored in whole world) is not more than 2 years old. However, we didn’t hear about it a lot before. Also big amount is poured into ‘big data solutions’. Proof can be USD 740 million for 18% of enterprise. Cloud-era is distributor and part of App-Dynamics big data support is for enhancing features. MongoDb is one of biggest beneficiary.  MongoDB and App-dynamics can leverage application presentation management solution to get more into mongo-DB-based apps.  However if user wants any App n Game Reskin services then they can contact mobile services companies.

Most organizations want to introducing solutions that can provide services of launching their app as Gesture Search, Multicore JIT and Swipe Pad etc. Please also visit Avenging soldiers an app.

Few mobile enterprises like ‘MyFitnessPal’ and ‘Ola Cabs’ continue to hold analytics and run the new data volume. These companies have experience in new IT infrastructure to handle massive data amount along with minimum management burden. However, they may leverage cloud services like Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Compute Engine. It can reduce critical results or product risk.  Data is consumed frequently and more quickly as of how presented it is.  Enterprises may use querying engines to optimize interactive queries. Additionally, real query, in combination with ‘geo-location’ tools gives the ability to find and interact with valuable customers. This query solution may support to get accelerated speed to in-sight by an incremental and interactive process.  However, they carefully analyze the whole data and increase profit.

Predictive Analytics and Big Data

It is an enabler of ‘big data’. Business industry collects big amount of customer’s data and provides the predictive analytics and big data. It enables company to use the big data. Data mining solutions and predictive analytics are available from many companies like Microsoft, IBM and SAS.

To attract customers

CRM software is used to perform predictive analysis and can be helpful. Marketers and salesmen may use this analytics to provide more contents to customers and to forecast their activity impact.

What is Big Data?

For every kind of enterprises, data management is shifted to critical differentiator that may calculate has-beens and market winners. It’s actually collection of digital and traditional data sources from inside and outside of company. Nowadays these firms want to transform their business through big data. Big data shows initiatives and technologies that is massive, too diverse, fast changing, skills, infra-structure and conventional technologies. It’s stated that the volume, velocity and variety of data are great.

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