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Effective ways to attain Feedback for Mobile Apps and their usage

By: Anna Louise

Before actual release or publishing of an app at app store, you should get feedback. No doubt it’s critical method that can build users before launch. Invest your money in PR services like Pre-Apps and user review that may produce demo video, offer it to score of app site and get download options to move further. It can turn out to be difference in failure or success of app.

Different apps are launched regularly however some are able to make cut. Though, there’re many reasons behind failure of apps, acting upon it and not collecting feedback. This evaluation is made when feedback is collected by developer. You should listen on individual basis, reply them and win them if it’s possible for you. Promising a quick response to complaints can be one method to raise the feedback’s amount received by you.

Exact Feedback for Mobile Apps:-

Feedback of user may help us to know about required features, we also understand what features should not be used. Add it to marketing plan without any barrier. Mobile organization has unique challenges. When they communicate with customer, they work with Google & Apple.

As these 2 giants privatize customer’s information, it’s also possible to get feed-back in conventional way. Unless customer creates an account, they can’t email out survey to user or email-list. Search your customer on social media. You’ve to be creative. However, mobile apps reskin have found many ways to get feed-back from users. The easiest method to get feed-back is to ask about review in app. On both Android and iOS, developer may program a query for customer to rate the app and leave comments. The secret is to see perfect time to know. Some apps ask for reviews and rating on immediate basis. However this may annoy customer because they’re not familiar with the apps. Additionally, these app’s ratings are not very important for important customers. For example, App n Game Reskin companies have all developers list that you can use, contact them and get their reviews.

Mobile app feed is similar to actual meaning of term ‘feedback’. It’s view customer using and installing the mobile. Experts evaluates app on its performance. The feedback may be informing of comments on apps experts. Some app ask for review and work on weaknesses because brought to fore by customers. There’re many available tolls that may be implemented to get customer’s review. To capture bugs there’re many tools. However, customer has option to report an error otherwise they’re automatically captured.

Responding to Customer’s feedback:-

If you’re not reading or tracking feedback of customers then you’re losing a lot. It would be big mistake. Feedback helps us to identify issues, finding new solutions and imagine maximum possibilities due to which your app may help user’s achievement and experience. AppnGame Reskin is perfect way to make better games, that are in demand.

Tools to get feedback:-

Find below 5 tools that are used by every developer to get feedback. It includes App store reviews (see how many people are looking your app & how many are frustrated), your game (Also listen to customer what and how they talk about game), Face-book (Social media is perfect tool to get feedback) and set-up forum for customer on site and activate your own focus group (cheap, fastest and easy to use).

Requirements for the Feedback for Your Mobile App:-

Customer plays important role in business. Companies follow customers in mobile platform. They’ve to focus on customers. In Mobile all experiences are new and requirements or needs are also different.

You can’t get exact details and desires of your customer (Vocal or Non-vocal) . The mobile app that you’ve developed and launched that can be verified through different surveys. One way if you’ll listen to your user then it’s a solution. However it’s challenging. We’ve to show them that we’re listening. Developer should understand the behavior of customer to make exact features.

Content Marketing and App Promotion

Ways to get feedback from customer:-

Find below 5 best ways to get high quality) feedback from your customers:

  • Survey
  • Feed-back boxes
  • Reach out directly
  • User activities
  • Usability Test

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