Feb 10

Top Trends to Watch Apps Development for 2017

By: Anna Louise

Mobile Apps are revolutionary in that they lead user to interactions and connectivity with each other, interactions with each other. Mobile audience are demanding more from mobile app experience and 2016 will even more personalized engagements with clients. Look out for main trends in 2015, need to take action and plan around app projects to reach client needs.

Demand for location Based Mobile Apps

G-P-S location has rapidly developed an expected app feature. Globalization is changed the method we’ve interact and what we imagine for security and connectivity. It develops a need for complete security and visibility.

These Mobile Apps features mapping of users and positioning of audience based on G-P-S provide information and location technologies, to those trying to get in touch with the user. One can know exactly where the user is based on connecting through this app, or individuals can find their phones if they have lost it.

For instance, circle of 6 is preventive for audience who become lost in new countries and cities or for needed securities in high risk locations.   It sends 3 pre-text messages to 6 of user’s phone contacts with one tap of finger.

Security of Mobile Apps

With increase in mobile apps purchases and payments, issues related to secured data that became complex. Data overload is shared between mobile audiences through apps like Wickr. It includes confidential data the misuse of that can cause adverse outputs.

As per recent survey, 40% of online marketing & sales is added through Mobile Apps. As per new report, the calculated figure is approximate 37% and it means the steepest three-monthly rise in mobile penetration rate meanwhile quarter 4 2013 to 14 when 32% were accounted.

Content driven Apps

App Marketing practice should take on new methods if used on any mobile device. Client is revolved by obvious app marketing e-mails like news, content, videos, ads and audio thus offers on phones should be driven by a contents app marketing approach instead.

App Marketers are personalizing mobile offerings to localized segments and then providing relevant contents with customer feedback and complete information. You can track the data linked with how audience use their apps will assist to deliver contents that is perfect for them.

Mobile video Apps

Enterprises take advantages from latest mobile trends. As per new research, it is calculated that 58% of users watch videos from mobile devices on daily basis.   These videos provide services and products details. It will be effective for mass audiences. Users access these contents with the help of apps like Netflix, Spotify, HuluPlus, Netflix and SlingTV.

Many enterprises are starting to personalize their experience like video customer support, video chat on mobiles thus they may connect clients. These new apps can include experience shared by clients of services similar to YouTube and consumers of products.

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Use of cloud Technology Apps

Cloud technology has gain momentum in the year 2016 and entered full adoption for developers. Cloud is attractive as it provides support to developer who wants to maintain the actual app sizes and helps in memory and band-width.

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