Apr 3

New Research reveals about Future of Mobile Game Monetization

By: Anna Louise

Free is emerges as a dominant way for generating profit from Mobile Games. However, it’s only a start, Gone those days when the free to play, pay to progress model market as bold ‘new frontier’ for developers. Nowadays it’s a norm in online spaces, mobile and revenue generation by in-game transactions is an established method to change an again newly released app in the market.

Releases like Tiny Towner, have proved that these free to play apps or games may charm the technical industries innovative hegemony. According to new survey only 4% of titles in an in-app purchases business model & in iOS apps store features, 72% of generated revenue in a market comes from client paying for in-app apps.

The waters of free to play are not settled. However, different and new platform of payments are monetized mechanics push to attract a developer, free have the long method to go in this space. In0game advertising models offer different alternatives. Distributions platform like Facebook, OnLive and stream have their system to make cash from digital web contents, as the average selling cost of apps on store is tumbling.

As per new report called, ‘in-game advertising is the right way’- monetize, engage and retain, shows that preconception have rewarded video ads being popular in games player have no information. Actually, as per the report, rewarded video ads are well on the way to becoming the new norm and rules. When we consider monetization, then it seems that rewarded video is not hottest revenue generating source- as per develop who participated in research. It’s best as compare to other in-game advertising.

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The Mobile Games market is biggest; however, securing a slice of a pie is an easy task. However, competition is very high. Only considering at store for iOS in the USA, 539,616 Mobile Games are active now and released on a daily basis, developers has to get everything right to get good revenue.  Developing funny games is like a battle. Clever app marketing is vital if you need your app or game to stand-out. However you must take a close look.

Selecting the right monetization model may be difference in success or failure for studio, and when you want to start, it’ll play a major part in calculating whether these apps or game development process will be full-time job or just a hobby. AppnGame developers can find success. However they need to pay proper attention to monetization models. A developer must compare his strategy or model with competitors.

Freemium in Mobile Games

The dominant model in Apple’s store and Google’s Play store is freemium. Games are free of cost; however, a player may buy advertisement and content through in-app purchases systems.  From last some year, many stats were released showing how dominant freemium have become. As per App’s new survey in 2015, freemium apps profit is accounted for 98% of global revenue in Play store.  Payment and advertising methods should be observed by a developer. Make sure; you may integrate ads properly.

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