May 19

Boost your Mobile App Business with SMS Marketing

By: Anna Louise

Marketing of mobile app devices is known as mobile marketing. It includes push notifications, MMS, web marketing, mobile game marketing, QR code and some other types, like SMS that is related to an article. Every business must bear in mind the value of mobile communications. This channel is every salesman dream as hardly anyone leaves their home without a phone. Learn more at AppnGame to see My Games and Apps.

Importance of SMS in Modern Marketing for My Games and Apps

As we all know, SMS marketing strategies are used to promote business. You need to launch a product by sending customer of information about new games and apps. You can introduce a trial version before launching it. VIP campaigns, you can offer to top level clients in exclusive sales, products and personalized offers.

  • Promotions on sale that tells your client about sales and opening new sites with all latest features
  • Virtual coupons that your team may send to customers so that they may implement and offer them with discount.
  • Encourage your customer to pass on apps to contacts
  • Communicating app’s exclusive benefits when your company is compared with competitors
  • Give newsletter – an added wish
  • Call forward and marketing tests request.

With more than 1 million phones globally, SMS provide app marketers a standard communication that other can’t guarantee. It’s not like other channels; SMS gives liberty to reach clients with remote range. The user can also do this task if they’ve good experience. With more than millions apps for Apple and Android, it may be easy to ignore one of earliest feature- short messaging service – SMS. In a world of tweets, snap-chats, Instagram marketers ignore SMS in exchange of common forms like display ads, social and email.

These campaigns are important because they are used to connect with users. If campaigns results are not as per requirements, then you should remember roots. Some marketing managers believe that SMS is not updated but, it’s not true. As per research 90% of these messages are read and opened within short delivery time.

Moving forward, successful app marketers can leverage only smart technologies, however, also so called ‘dumb phone.’ If combined with e-mail, push and social communication. SMS may strengthen the daily buying experience. Find below some main reasons why?

SMS is Widespread:

Beyond the sheer volume of clients that the strategies can deploy without any internet connection and SMS reaches its destination. A dependency on the internet may limit the app success of campaigns like an e-mail.

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SMS is Personalized:
once client have a choice into SMS communication, it’s important to manage all these tasks with own experience. However, as client life cycle, transactional communication is perfect way to activate a personalized S-M-S campaign.

SMS Is Flexible
it offers the freedom to deploy variations of transactional loyalty, product activation and endorse apps downloads or even engage clients with real-time inquiries. As you may see, marketing have its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you may use app based marketing, in-game marketing, location based marketing, search & images ads and SMS.

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