Nov 24

Choose the Perfect Monetization strategy for your App

By: Anna Louise

You have seen that app store made million & billion more then google play last year and vendors prioritize android over Ios. Google play soon update app store in terms of revenues and downloads. So let’s have look at how to monetize android app 2017?

Ads: monetizing and promoting apps with ads is just like piece on ten cakes. Famous applications make very decent look on ad impressions. You have to develop a niche app with specific target audience, with high quality banner and promotional content.

Upfront payments

You need to increase your application heavily and do your best to deliver value to users. In order to reach to the goal, you may turn to paid advertising, discount your app and encourage users to give good reviews.

Classic freemium

An app is downloaded for free but some of option likes storage, exclusive content and upgrade options are available to pay.


Subscription usually brings 200-300% more revenue than paid downloads and ad banners. It provided you create high quality content that will help you to maintain user engagement after novelty.

In App Purchases

All of US 50 top grossing android apps use the IAP model. In app currency is enabling users to unlock gameplay and customer settings. Through this features game will climb up the download charts an d generate million in daily revenues.

Android application monetization trends

Focus on emerging markets

Google play’s app downloads growth is driven by emerging markets. The providing content on a subscription basis is the good way to monetize an android app.

Incentivized advertising

The strategy is all about partnering up with advertising that reward your users every time they complete a specific in app action.

Understanding the main problem

You have idea that there are fine line between your desire to earn revenue and using app monetizing strategies. Sometimes that can happen with good user’s experience.

The first priority will be gather lots of information from various users. This is necessary thing to keep in mind your App Monetization Strategies need to be place before launching the app in the app store.

One of the best things is that to gather revenue through ads with your app. so, your app is required to review ads with time to time.  For instance, Facebook is display ads to accommodate revenue in million dollars in each year by doing so. There are lots of companies where you can get service of mobile application you can develop can get revenue with the number of downloads.