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Welcome to Moza Car Instructor Android App. This app is available for both normal user who want to learn driving and Driving Instructor. This is solution for you and driving instructor get closer. We have all types driving instructors including Car, Motor Bike, Bus.

We compare a range of driving instructor’s prices, especial offers,… This is a big opportunity for those who are learning driving. Register yourself and find the best instructor for your driving test. Instructor can also register their profiles and get selected by the users.

Car Instructor Android App is template, have no backend now. This app includes some basic functions. If you want further customization or re-skinning, we are willing to do it.



  • AVAILABLE in all platforms: IOS, Android, Web
  • Fast performance and secured data handling
  • Support multi languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arab, Russia… Easy to change to another language
  • Support multi clients / applications: create and manage different database for different clients
  • Support Right-to-left, left-to-right form layouts
  • Can deploy in shared host, dedicated server or cloud
  • Quickly to market: 2 hours to setup and deploy. 1 – 3 days to reskin. Dedicated developers to customize (leave question here, we will answer you in 1 – 24 hours)
  • Free Graphics, Promo videos (contact author)
  • Detail, well-formed documents




  • Log in _ User can register an account and log in to find the instructor
  • Home _ Adds information about driving instructor who user want to find.
  • Side menu _ Shows all features of app
  • Select an instructor _ Shows list of driving instructors according to user’s requirement.
  • Users can choose to hire who they want.
  • Detail driving instructor_ Displays detail information of driving instructor
  • Information test _ Adds information about the test include: location, date, time,…
  • Apply _ Shows all information. User can check one more time before applying
  • My Order_ Displays list of hired instructors.
  • Notify _ Shows all notifications
  • Profile _ Allows user upload and edit all information
  • Setting_ Sets up to receive notifications or not.
  • Help_ Sets up and guides for this app

Driving Instructor:

  • Log in_ Allows user register or log in as a driving instructor
  • My order_ Shows list of trainees who hired you
  • Side menu_ Displays all features of this app
  • Detail_ Shows information of trainee and test. User can choose apply to accept a training or not.
  • Notify_Displays all notifications
  • Profile _User can upload or edit information
  • Settings_ Sets up to receive notifications or not.
  • Help_ Sets up and guides for this app


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