Dancing Bees Party 200 Levels ($1,499)

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Dancing Bees Party is an amazing Quick Launch Puzzle Game that is full of Fun & Addicting 200 Puzzles.

Tap, Blast same color Bees & Collect the Stucked Toys!
Yeah Bees have to enjoy Dance Party on collection of stucked surprise items.

All levels are full of challenges, & different targets to meet that keep installers busy & focused in playing the game all the time.

Match two or more Bees of the same color to clear the level and collect the different items given as Target for each level.
You have to be careful as It is not that easy to meet the targets, while your moves are limited!

High Quality HD Graphics

Game is designed by professional CG Artists with beautiful & eye catching grahpics art.

Gameplay Video

Watch Gameplay video here:



Developed in Unity 3d, App is Cross platform for iOS & Android.

For iOS & Android Submission

So purchasing this game will give you rights of both versions iOS & Android, and our team will handle submission of this App from your both stores Apple & Google play.

Revenue Opportunities 

  • App is monetized with Chartboost Interstitials Ads
  • App is monetized with Rewarded Videos
  • App is monetized with Admob Interstitials
  • Inapp purchases

Purchasing a Quick Launch App

  1. If you buy this game, our team will handle the publishing of this App from your App store accounts both Google Play & iTunes. Or if you want to handle submission yourself, we will handover you all required source code files for submission.
  2. During submission all data of App Store screenshots, iCon, ASO, Video Preview will be provided by us.
  3. We will provide you source code & art source files right after purchase of this Quick Launch App, so you can edit those files anytime in future when require for future updates.
  4. Quick Launch Apps are only sold once, on completion of purchase by any buyer this product will be removed from our web page, or will be listed as SOLD
  5. You can request a custom quote from us, if you need further modification or features addition in the App after purchase.


  • Cross Platform iOS & Android
  • Developed in Unity 3D
  • High Quality HD Graphics
  • 200 Levels Full of Fun & Addicting
  • Several Powerups & Boosters
  • Chartboost Rewarded Videos (Watch Video to earn Lives)
  • Chartboost Interstitials Ads
  • Admob Interstitials
  • IAP Purchases
  • Exclusive License Price of this Great Puzzle Game is USD1499 for both versions.


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Android 4.2.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 5.0