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Face makeup: perfect selfies, filters, skin beauty” is a iOS8/iOS9/iOS10/iOS11 app that let you beautify the skin of your face and create beautiful and natural looking photo selfies, plus apply tons of effects to your photo and share the results.

The modification to your skin is so perfect that no one will suspect you are using an app to modify your face. It’s just your face, maybe with a little less stress 🙂
You can choose how much your skin should be modified.

The app was realized using the new Apple programming language SWIFT4, and the framework SpriteKit. It is compatible with all the iPhone and iPad screen size.

Moreover, you can use some parts of the app directly from the official Apple photo app, because “Face makeup: perfect selfies, filters, skin beauty” is also available as extension.

The code is really well commented, and easy to understand. You can easily reskin and customize the app because all the main settings are included in one file (settings.swift): you can change the colors, personalize the font, change the text, etc.

Probably in just a couple of hours you will have your app ready to upload on the App Store! “Face makeup: perfect selfies, filters, skin beauty ” includes two way of monetization, AdMob interstitial for the advertising, and an in-App purchase mechanism to remove the advertising and the watermark that the app puts on the final results.

If you want to try the app, you can download it on the App Store by clicking on the link of the app:



Simply replace the images with your own images to reskin the app. In the settings. swift file you also have the information to modify the other parts of the app such as set the admob ID, the in-app purchase ID etc. A detailed pdf guide will drive you in the process of reskinning the app.


  • written in SWIFT 4
  • Compatible with all screen sizes (iPhone and iPad)
  • Compatible with iOS8, iOS9, iOS10, iOS11
  • Monetization through AdMob interstitial, and in-app purchase to remove ads and watermark
  • Some functionalities of the app can be used, as extension, directly from the official apple photo app
  • Easy to reskin
  • Clean and well commented code
  • All settings in one class
  • detailed pdf guide
  • I’ll do my best to support you and to make the code always updated


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