Facebook Video & Photo downloader PRO with admob ( $49)


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​When you find something on Facebook and you want to re-post in Facebook, simply download this app and login with your Facebook id and tap on any video to download or play in a full screen in just one tap.​



1. Install the app and run it. Once it starts – login with your Facebook id.

2. Tap once on a video it will show a dialog box which shows 3 buttons play, download, cancel.

3: Click play to play video online a full screen

4: Click download to save video in your gallery and watch it later offline and re-post.

1: Download photos from Facebook in just one click.
2: Download Videos from Facebook in just one click.
3: Repost Photos on Facebook.
4: Repost Photos on Facebook.
5: Easy to use

How to make Revenue?

You can earn from this app by admob. Everything is done in the project files you just have to put your admob unit ids

How to reskin?

Easy to reskin you just need to install Android Studio and everything is mentioned in the documentation with easy steps given in the zip file.

3 reviews for Facebook Video & Photo downloader PRO with admob

  1. 3 out of 5

    Lucas John

    Facebook photo and video is also available for free with latest and rich selfie camera particularly for Android users. You need to explore beautiful and important features in it. This app can perform multiple task, It’s best editing app!

  2. 3 out of 5

    Jennifer Gallagher

    If you’ll search something on your Facebook and will try to post it, you should download an app and login on Facebook with admob. It’ll be shown on main screen with a tap. Easy to download and reskin it.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Jennifer Gallagher

    This is easy to reskin and download. You can run it on video as it has some buttons like play, cancel and download. It will be accessed online on full screen like others. You can easily reskin it, download it and re-post. Make money

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