Flappy Blueprint – The Ultimate Template in iOS11 and Swift 4 ( $149)


100% Unique App Launch

+ UI/Flow Change of each App
+ Level Design Changes (If any)
+ Map Orientation
+ Daily Reward/Bonus
+ Dedicated Project Manager
+ Ads Integration
+ Basic ASO (App Store Optimization)
+ Getting your App approved from Apple & Play Store

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Fully updated to support iOS10, Swift 3 and Xcode 8!

This source code is maintained, updated and supported since 2014!

One Reskin already featured 247 times on the App Store!!! See details below.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/KyQL7kJalNY

Flappy Blueprint 3 is our most advanced and most loved source code just yet.

We have built it from the ground up with SpriteKit & Swift 3!

Besides the awesome features you are used to from Flappy Blueprint 1.x.x and 2.x.x here are some of the new ones in this newest version:

  • support for iOS10, iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and iPad Pro
  • rich local notifications
  • virtual currency
  • added AdMob Banner
  • added iCloud support so users may restore their coins on new devices
  • v.3.x.x uses the same images as v.2.x.x so you don’t have to redo them

For a full change log please scroll down and take a look at the 50+ changes 🙂

Interested in how to set up or how many images are there to be changed? Good news: Download theRESOURCES NEEDED FOR RESKIN from here.



Flappy Blueprint Two has been submitted to the App Store by a bunch of our customers. Check out one of them:

Featured by Apple: Fluttering Birds https://itunes.apple.com/ro/app/fluttering-birds/id999745127?mt=8 Give it a test-drive 🙂

I will let you on a little secret. The big money doesn’t come from Ad Networks or a lousy Remove Ads In App Purchase. Big money comes from a proper monetization system that rests on these three pillars:

  • Free to Play
  • Immersive Gameplay
  • Virtual Currency

I am sick and tired of hearing from developers, who say that they will buy a source code, throw in a few ads here and there and then expect to hit it big. If you are one of them, you will have to wait a lot to see the money rolling in. If you’re one of them and want to keep doing thing like that… than please stop reading right now, and please don’t buy Flappy Blueprint, believe me, it’s not for you. But if you do know that In App Purchases rule, than this source code is a must.

Let’s take a look at the goodies Flappy Blueprint 3 has to offer you. If you haven’t taken a look at the screenshots provided above yet, than this is a good time to do so. It covers most of the features but let’s talk a little bit more about them. Or just take a look at this tour. All of the features covered here are available in Flappy Blueprint 3! Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/hIW2VaylqCI

The main purpose of Flappy Blueprint 3 is to be an easy to flip and highly converting app.

If you like what the Top Grossing games on the App Store are doing than you will LOVE this source code. I can proudly and without a doubt say that: Flappy Blueprint 3 is the Ultimate App with a Powerful Monetization System. I repeat: Powerful Monetization System. This is what all of the other Flappy Birds and even the great Flappy Bird missed. Forget about all the other source codes out there, because Flappy Blueprint covers it all:

  • Built in Shop with Virtual Currency, 8 Characters, 3 Boosts, 7 Gadgets, 5 Coin Packs and more
  • iCloud support for easy user restores of coins
  • Game Center support with leaderboard
  • Chartboost, AdMob
  • More apps page (from Chartboost)
  • Toggle Music and Sound FX on/off
  • Rate functionality
  • Collect coins when you fly
  • Dynamically generated gameplay, so you will never have to play the same level ever
  • Oh, did I forget to mention that it is Universal? Yes it’s for both iPhone and iPad.
  • Much, much more awesome features…
  • Optimized for iOS10, Swift 3!

I have warned you:) This isn’t child’s play. Flappy Blueprint Two is a top notch, A+ source code that isn’t for everybody. You will have to be absolutely positively convinced that those three things (Free to Play, Immersive Gameplay and Virtual Currency) are the right pillars for the most powerful monetization system an app can have in 2016. I am convinced. Are you?

iOS10 Ready! Written in Swift 3!

We have taken a very close look and reverse engineered games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and Jetpack Joyride. We have taken that knowledge and put it into Flappy Blueprint. That is why it is the ultimate app and it has a Powerful Monetization System. “It pays to buy good source code.” 

iOS10 Ready! Written in Swift 3!

Take a look at how many images you need to change: Download the RESOURCES NEEDED FOR RESKIN from here. What are you waiting for? Over 40 satisfied customers. A+ source code from Rebeloper. Awesome Support (just read the comments section). This source code is a must in your portfolio.


3.0.6 – (06.09.2017) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed “Random Pipes not showing 3rd pipe at all” issue. (File changed: GameScene.swift -> changed line 311)

3.0.5 – (01.09.2017) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed Less Pipes gadget issue. (File changed: GameScene.swift -> changed line 582)

3.0.4 – (20.05.2017) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed “Going to Settings” not working in iOS10 (Files changed: Info.plist – removed ‘prefs’ URL Type; GameViewController.swift)

3.0.3 – (06.11.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed Play On Coins issue. (File changed: GameScene.swift -> changed line 750)

3.0.2 – (25.10.2016) – OPTIONAL

  • Added ability to add Music Attribution or Copyright Text in the Settings Scene. (Files changed: Settings.swift; Setup.swift -> added lines lines 234 – 236)

3.0.1 – (16.09.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed iCloud issue: user was forced to Sign in into iCloud to use the app. Now the user may choose to sign in into iCloud. (Files changed: GameViewController.swift -> lines 320 – 347)
  • Moved MKStoreKitConfigs.plist into the Setup Group
  • Added two new element to Info.plist: Privacy – Bluetooth Peripheral Usage Description, Privacy – Calendars Usage Description

3.0.0 – (13.09.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Updated to iOS 10, Swift 3, Xcode 3 – THIS IS A BRAND NEW PROJECT THAT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OLDER VERSIONS – read documentation

2.8.1 – (08.08.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed rare / random case of bird freezing on first play (file changed: Gameplay.m – startGameWithScore:andCoins: and touchBegan:WithEven: methods)

2.8.0 – (08.06.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Updated iCloud functions from ‘fetchRecordWithID:’ to not use the recordID and use ‘performQuery’ instead (file changed: RootViewControllerInterface.m)
  • Added support for user to sign in later to iCloud (files changed: Options.ccb, Options.m, AppDelegate.m, RootViewControllerInterface.m, Info.plist) IMPORTANT: MAJOR CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE !!! YOU WILL HAVE TO START YOUR UPDATE WITH THIS NEW VERSION !!!

2.7.0 – (14.05.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Added iCloud support to ensure restoring of the user process and to avoid rejection from the Apple Review Team because of Guideline 10.6: Your app uses intermediary currency to purchase items that function as non-consumable products but does not include a restore mechanism. Users restore transactions to maintain access to content that they’ve already purchased. SEE THE “How to Set Up iCloud” PDF TO SET UP YOUR CODE – (files changed: AppDelegate.m, GameOver.m, ShopBoosts.m, ShopCharacters.m, ShopCoinsContents.m, ShopGadgets.m, RootViewControllerInterface.h/m; added files: FlappyBlueprintTwo.entitlements, CloudKit.framework)

2.6.0 – (20.04.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Removed Nextpeer because it will be discontinued on October 1, 2016

2.5.0 – (14.12.2015) – OPTIONAL

  • Added Fyber (files changed: Info.plist, Defaults.h, PlistManager.m, FlappyBlueprintTwoSettings.plist, AppDelegate.m ; added files: fyber-sdk-lib, FyberCocos2dHelper.h/.m, CoreLocation.framewrok, CoreTelephony.framework)

2.4.1 – (15.01.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed Coins Label bug (files changed: Gameplay.m line 748 to [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] setInteger:currentCoins forKey:theCurrentCoins]; )

2.4.0 – (23.10.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Changed the Shop Scene

Files Added:

  • ShopCoinsContents.ccb
  • ButtonShopCoinsElementBuy.png
  • ButtonShopCoinsElementRestore.png
  • ShopCoinsElementBackground.png
  • ShopCoinsContents.h
  • ShopCoinsContents.m

Files Changed:

  • ShopCoins.ccb
  • ShopCoins.m
  • AdvancedSetings.h

2.3.0 – (16.09.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Updated to iOS9

2.2.1 – (17.05.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed crash when starting gameplay (added line 238 in AppDelegate.m)

2.2.0 – (17.04.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Updated Cocos2d to v.3.4.9
  • Fixed errors due to new Validations (No Common Blocks set to YES)


  • updated SpriteBuilder project to fix issue on iPhone 6 Plus Devices where buttons where cut off by the screen
  • changes in code to fix the issue above


  • updated to SpriteBuilder 1.3.6
  • If you have an already set up 3.0 project all you have to do is:
  • upgrade it when you open it in SpriteBuilder
  • delete/move to trash the backup of Cocos2d from here: Source/libs
  • in Xcode delete the Images.xcassets folder located here: libs/cocos2d.xcodeproj/external/SSZipArchive.xcodeproj/Example/Resources


  • added Header Search Paths to Build Settings (this is important for In App Purchases)
  • fixed typos in Flurry logs


  • Fixed bug: bought characters/gadgets were not Equipped automatically if a “higher” character/gadget has already been purchased (modified files: AppDelegate.m, ShopCharacters.m and ShopGadgets.m )

2.1.0 IMPORTANT: You will need to update SpriteBuilder to v.1.3.5. NOTE: This update is important for you ONLY if you wish to use SpriteBuilder (ex. change artwork)

  • updated to SpriteBuilder v.1.3.5 and Cocos2d v.3.3 – this is a major update (Flappy Blueprint Two v.2.0.5 works ONLY with SpriteBuilder v.1.2; Flappy Blueprint Two v.2.1.0 works ONLY with SpriteBuilder v.1.3.5+)
  • minor bug fix with Pause System


  • fixed “implicit conversion” warnings (in Gameplay.m)
  • fixed bug with counting system logic pointed out by appstones Thread #48873

This bug occurred in very special conditions, none the less it is a bug. If you are already in the reskinning process, than please replace the Gameplay.m file located in the Source folder. Thanks again for appstones for the thorough testing and the awesome feedback of this bug. 2.0.4

  • fixed bug with pause system (when pausing and tapping on the screen flap sound would play)

This is a minor fix. If you are already in the reskinning process, than please replace the Gameplay.m file located in the Source folder. 2.0.3

  • moved the Pause button to the bottom of the screen so it can be reached more easily
  • fixed typo in Equipping Characters Alert
  • improved taking of Screenshot for share


  • fixed issue with gameplay elements on iPhone6
  • added Test First Launch flag to AdvancedSettings.h (when testing in simulator)
  • added new GameOverPanelNewBest.png (without white borders)
  • moved Background Music only to Gameplay
  • removed unnecessary defines from AdvancedSettings.h
  • fixed zOrder of score and Boost buttons in Gameplay
  • added iTuneArtwork images to Resources folder
  • added scrolling city back
  • virtual items (characters and gadgets) equip at time of purchase
  • added Pause button and functionality to Gameplay
  • set Local Push Notification Time To Wait to 600 seconds

2.0.1 – please, read carefully before updating from v.1.x.x IMPORTANT: this is a new app, don’t delete your current app if you do not wish to upgrade or wish to keep the changes you made to the original 1.x.x version

  • rebuilt the app from ground up with Cocos2d 3.2.1 and SpriteBuilder 1.2.1
  • added support for Done
  • added Local Notifications with 10 message texts
  • added “Ask for User Permission” alert for Local Notifications for iOS8+
  • removed all achievements (there was too much hassle setting them up in iTunesConnect and little ROI)
  • added new Flurry Analytics events (you should create a new app in your Flurry dashboard for this version)
  • added and updated to iOS8+ UIActivityViewController for richer sharing options (now you may share with iMessage, Mail, Twitter and Facebook; also you may use AirDrop, save the screenshot taken of your gameplay, print it; do everything cool that a UIActivityViewcontroller has to offer)
  • added screenshot of gameplay for sharing
  • reduced the number of pipes (in random mode) from 10 to 3
  • reduced the number of characters from 11 to 8
  • removed support for AppLovin
  • removed support for AdMob
  • updated Media.xcassets (icons & launch images) to latest iPhone6 and iPhone6+ requirements
  • changed .ttf font to BMFont
  • moved More Apps, Sound On/Off and Rate buttons to an Options Scene
  • added button to Main Menu for Options Scene
  • removed “currently equipped bird” from Main Menu
  • removed “tilt effect” from Main Menu
  • removed sound when bird passes gap
  • removed scroll from Shop Scenes
  • removed description of products
  • replaced SVProgressHUD with ProgressHUD (was interfering with Nextpeer SDK and ProgressHUD looks cooler with flat colors)
  • removed “Loading…” progress hud on Gameplay launch (Coocs2d does not lag for a whole second when launching gameplay while SpriteKit did lag)
  • changed functionality of Head Star: now pipes do show up, but the bird does not collide into them till time runs out
  • added countdown for Boosts in gameplay
  • removed city and clouds from gameplay
  • changed Nextpeer Ranking Display from vertical to horizontal
  • tweaked final blast of bird (now it does not collide into pipes)
  • tweaked bird flight to better resemble of the flight of the original Flappy Bird
  • pipes now can be of any shape ( not just rects as in SpriteKit version) because of the features of SpriteBuilder
  • tweak easily size of the bird in SpriteBuilder
  • added “Unequip Gadget” button to Gadget Shop
  • added Vungle ad network (to existing Chartboost and RevMob)
  • added ability to tweak ads frequency (see Done)
  • added badge image to show New Best Score
  • removed tutorial from beginning of Gameplay
  • made transition from “Play On” button pushed much smoother (now the bird does not fall once the button is pushed)
  • added ability to use Boosts after Revive
  • fixed alignment problems on different devices in Game Over Scene with the panel
  • made the code more readable, organized Xcode files in easy to understand folders
  • reduced the number of images (made the app size significantly smaller)
  • replaced the ConfigureMe.h file with the use of Done and the AdvancedSettings.h file
  • images are now retina by default
  • updated every image to a new fresh look
  • updated all third party SDKs, libraries and related code (Chartboost, RevMob, Vungle, Flurry, Soomla Store, iRate, Game Center Manager)
  • changed iRate test app to The Impossible Game
  • updated README look

2.0. – updated Chartboost SDK to 5.0.1 – updated code to support newest Chartboost SDK – updated Nextpeer SDK to 1.7.3 – updated AdMob SDK to 6.11-2.1 – updated AppLovin SDK – updated Flurry SDK to 5.3.0 – updated RevMob SDK – removed RevMob Test Mode from code (to be enabled/disabled on the site from now on) – fixed initial gap height 1.9.1. – fixed problem of Continue panel not appearing – commented out code relating Sharing in ShopMenuViewController 1.9. – removed share for coins incentive because of new Apple Guidelines Section 2.25: https://developer.apple.com/appstore/resources/app… 1.8. – updated Chartboost SDK to v 4.4.1 and changed code to support it 1.7.2. – fixed SVProgressHUD “Loading…” not appearing when “Play” button is tapped 1.7.1. – added update instructions for the Nextpeer framework to the ConfigureMe.h file – fixed dimensions of ClothesItem12.png – minor Nextpeer fix in MyScene.m – SOOMSEC change in the ConfigureMe.h file 1.7. IMPORTANT: You will need to create a new project. Flappy Blueprint v.1.6.3 cannot be updated the old fashion way to v.1.7 because of the amount of features added. So start with a blank, new project of v.1.7.  – FEATURE: Added AdMob Banner ads. 1.6.3. – IMPORTANT BUG FIX: RevMob Placement IDs are now correct (see documentation page 34 or lines 840 – 894 in ConfigureMe.h file) 1.6.2. – Fixed typo in ConfigureMe.h file (line 331) – Fixed typo in MyScene.m file (line 1023) 1.6.1. IMPORTANT: You will need to create a new project. Flappy Blueprint v.1.6 cannot be updated the old fashion way to v.1.6 because of the amount of features added. So start with a blank, new project of v.1.6.1. – IMPORTANT BUG FIX: Remove AppLovin Ads when user buys the “No More Ads” in app purchase – FEATURE: Ads can be shown when app enters foreground – FEATURE: AppLovin ads can now be enabled/disabled in the usual 3 places (Home, Shop, Game Over) 1.6. IMPORTANT: You will need to create a new project. Flappy Blueprint v.1.5 cannot be updated the old fashion way to v.1.5 because of the amount of features added. So start with a blank, new project of v.1.6. – FEATURE: Added AppLovin – FEATURE: Added ability to enable/disable PAIRED random pipes 1.5. IMPORTANT: You will need to create a new project. Flappy Blueprint v.1.4 cannot be updated the old fashion way to v.1.4 because of the amount of features added. So start with a blank, new project of v.1.5. – FEATURE: Added All Coins button on Home Screen (asked by nm9913) – FEATURE: Added Share for Coins button on Main Shop Screen (asked by nm9913) – Fixed Continue Panel issue regarding coins (big thanks for Minoush82 for testing, finding and reporting this bug to us) – Minor fixes here and there  1.4. IMPORTANT: You will need to create a new project. Flappy Blueprint v.1.3 cannot be updated the old fashion way to v.1.3 because of the amount of features added. So start with a blank, new project of v.1.4. This is our final update regarding features. We will update for only critical fixes. – FEATURE: Added floating effect to bird on “Get Ready” screen – FEATURE: Added progress hud to play button – FEATURE: Added option to hide “More Apps” button – Added a brief description of the project folder structure and files in the Documentation – Updated documentation to v.1.4. – Fixed issue when sometimes pipes overlap coins when boost is activated  1.3. IMPORTANT: You will need to create a new project. Flappy Blueprint v.1.2 cannot be updated the old fashion way to v.1.3 because of the amount of features added. So start with a blank, new project of v.1.3. – FEATURE: showing equipped bird on main menu screen – FEATURE: added Incentive to Share On Game Over Scene by giving a certain amount of coins (10) if the user shares his score on Facebook/Twitter with the control of the number of times this can be done – FEATURE: created Continue Panel (Revive) with option to continue game for a certain amount of coins (after player has died) – FEATURE: added ability for randomized images for pipes – FEATURE: added tilt effect on main menu background and buttons as in CandyMeleon – FEATURE: added Multiplayer with Nextpeer – added Head Start Boost Activated text, Super Head Start Boost Activated text, Use Final Blast text – added starburst when coin is picked up – minor bug fixes here and there 1.2. – Fixed Sound FX off bug – Updated Soomla iOS Store (02.04.2014.) – Updated RevMob to 7.4.7 (2014/04/03) – Updated Chartboost to Version 4.2 (Mar. 25, 2014) – Updated Flurry (viPhone 4.4.0) (03.04.2014.) – Fixed Chartboost (v.4.2) location warnings – Cleaned code from commented out junk 1.1. – Changed birdx_x.png file sizes from 50×40 px to 100×80 px – bChanged “Lorem ipsum” text to meaningful ones in Clothes description – Fixed linker flag errors from 3rd party frameworks and libraries (Chartboost, RevMob and Flurry) – Added ability to tweak shop title and all coins label height – Fixed Shop Boosts button alignment – Changed the shop clothes product images size from 110×110 px to 150×150 px. 1.0. – Initial release.


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