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Create a high security inventory app with this template. Fully customizable.

The project is developed in Android studio and Java

This template is an innovative inventory app that is applicable but not limited to the following usage.


InventoryX as a security inventory app authenticates a package or product by barcode. Users can verify a product before opening by scanning the barcode. This prevents product tampering and increases customer trust.

The app has an admin interface and a user interface. An admin officer scans the barcode then saves the corresponding number in the database with additional information.

The user on receiving the package scans the barcode for verification if the barcode is valid, The user can go on to view additional information on the package by clicking the view details button.

Security Checkpoint

Employers can enter workers information into the database by scanning the qr code on their identification. Workers can be verified by scanning their IDs. false barcodes would not be verified. Users can go ahead to click the view details button to get more information about the worker. This can also be utilized for large private gatherings or seminars.

Maintaining this inventory app is really simple, you don’t need to host any servers, nor mess around with server-side development . This project uses firebase (for the users, photos, activity,database and storage) as backend.


Regular usage

    1. Users are required to register to use the app.
    2. Google login is available (i.e, with Gmail.)
    3. It contains a user and admin interface
    4. Users have the option of uploading a profile picture during registration.
    5. The admin interface contains scan, save and logout buttons, as well as text fields for input and to display results.
    6. The user interface has scan and view details button. Also, a navigation drawer with additional options and logout.

The interface is really simple to comprehend and use.

For Developers

    1. A clean and well organized code written in Java and android studio 2.2.2. with documentation in .pdf explaining important classes.
    2. Full control over your user and database via Firebase.
    3. As already mentioned, this project is easy to manage. All your data is stored on Firebase, thus you have full control over your user and database.

Major Dependencies

    1. Firebase (for database, storage, appindexing).
    2. Google Play services.

Minor Dependencies

    1. Picasso; high-res image format


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