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A complete jump-start kit for building any type of business/e-commerce catalogues (products/real estate objects/companies/articles  etc.)

Application provides lists of items (cards), separated by sections, categories and subcategories. Search is available. Each item has details page with photo-slider, rich description,  block of clickable contacts (email, phone, website) and an action button.

Detailed documentation is included in the bundle!

App is Cordova-based, ready to be built for any platform, supported by Cordova/PhoneGap. Android is fully supported.

Data is fetched from backend server in JSON-format. It is cached locally on device (uses localStoarge), and is viewable even if no internet connection available,  so an offline mode is supported. A description of JSON-structure is available and you’re free to implement your own backend with database.

Items, presented in application are structured as : Section -> Category -> Subcategory1 -> Subcategory1-1 etc….

Section is selected through side-menu. Further category filter can be applied through 2 types of selectors supported: vertical and horizontal scrollable selector. Horizontal selector supports infinite depth of categories.

Technologies/frameworks used:

Cordova , Framework 7 (a free and open source mobile HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps with iOS & Android native look and feel. It’s simple but powerful).

Build/test process is automated and based on gulp tasks. Application has highly-modular structure for convenience of app maintenance/further development.  Browserify is used to support this


  • Categories (plain and nested hierarchy);
  • Offline mode – data is cached locally on device and is available even without internet connection;
  • Push notifications (integrated with free-to-use OneSignal service –;
  • Google Analytics integrated to see statistics of application usage (most viewed items/app pages, actions etc.)
  • Google AdMob integration with support of Banners and Interstitial ads allows you to get additional revenue
  • Easy to localize: all text strings (messages/captions/buttons) are in separate configuration file
  • CodePush update technology is supported! (allows instant app updates without releasing new builds through AppStore or GooglePlay, see )
  • Welcomescreen – allows you to add colorful animated slideshow to tell user about new features in your app after an update ( or implement a short in-app tutorial )
  • Favourites – allows user to store any items to return to them later;
  • Internal browser is available to open any external website links inside the application;
  • Content sharing support  – user can share product with friends via email, Facebook or other Social Media
  • Deep-Linking support (via integration with free-to-use Branch service –;

2 reviews for Product Catalog App Template for Android

  1. 4 out of 5

    Garry Smith

    A complete ‘jump start’ kit to create different types of catalogs related to product, objects, real estates, articles and companies etc. These items have details with rich description, photo slider, contacts like site, phone and email with some action buttons.

  2. 3 out of 5

    Anna Bruce

    This App is Cordova-based template especially for Android and ready to create for all platforms, it is supported by Phone-Gap. Android is used properly. Data is extracted from back-end server in format. It is viewable and works without internet connection.

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