Quiz App Starter kit – All in One for Android


100% Unique App Launch

+ UI/Flow Change of each App
+ Level Design Changes (If any)
+ Map Orientation
+ Daily Reward/Bonus
+ Dedicated Project Manager
+ Ads Integration
+ Basic ASO (App Store Optimization)
+ Getting your App approved from Apple & Play Store

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Create your own stunning Quiz App in minutes. Don’t let your passion go away 🙂

All In One Quiz App Starter Kit allows you to create a unique objective type quiz app with different types of questions like Text, True/False, Picture and Video types.

  • Configuration video for Quiz data and app settings find below
  • Android Quiz Project source code
  • Support if any issues


  • Fixed all layout and functionality issues and project supports screen sizes from Nexus one to Nexus 10
  • Configure app features in “HAConfigurations” file which is under package AppSettings (Please ignore configuration video about configuring app features which will be updated soon?)
  • Use latest Android studio version for building the app
  • Please ignore FB & Twitter sharing configuration. App is now using default sharing dialogue for sharing of scores.

Quiz Data Features

  • JSON Quiz Data Format
  • Configure questions play limit for every category.
  • Add your favourite category theme which will be carried over all the screen for that category
  • Timer and Non-Timer based quizzes
  • Timer based score calculation – ON/OFF
  • Objective type questions
  • Unlimited Quiz Categories
  • Unlimited Quiz Questions
  • All feature configurations in one file HAConstant.java
  • Shuffle Questions – ON/OFF
  • Shuffle Answers – ON/OFF
  • In app purchases for selling categories – ON/OF


  • Multiplayer 1 to 1 (Turned based Google play integration)
  • Leaderboard for total wins in multiplayer games
  • Unlock achievements for every fixed number of wins. Add any number achievements


  • Admob Google ads – ON/OFF
  • In app purchases for removing ads – ON/OFF


  • Configure positive and negative points for each question
  • Local high scores table
  • Leaderboards category-wise

Social Sharing

  • Facebook and Twitter sharing of final score’s screenshot


  • Install latest Android studio
  • Support from Android version 4.0 and above


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