Stickman Turbo Dismounting – Complete project Unity-Sale 60% Off ( $199)


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+ UI/Flow Change of each App
+ Level Design Changes (If any)
+ Map Orientation
+ Daily Reward/Bonus
+ Dedicated Project Manager
+ Ads Integration
+ Basic ASO (App Store Optimization)
+ Getting your App approved from Apple & Play Store

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*** Ready for PUBLISH! *** 
*** Don’t need the programming skills! ***

Stickman Turbo Dismounting – is the continuation of the legendary killing game of survive. You have to perform many tricks. The main goal is to score as many points as possible in stickman dismount.

Perform incredible dizzying tricks, break against walls, break bones,flying in the air,destroy chests, boxes with explosives and have fun!

*** Link APK Demo ***


  • Unity 5.6.3f1 or above (support highest version of Unity)
  • Multiplatform  Android,iOS,OSX,Windows..etc
  • Completed game  All components such as graphics, animation, level design, effects are carefully scrutinized
  • Legendary killing game of survive with unique active ragdoll physics system
  • 20 awesome maps with exciting obstacles  are ready to publish,  you can easily create new map with Unity Editor and tutorial document. Creating new maps does not require any additional code, just a simple layout of cubes and drag
  • Multiple modes of vehicles, much more crashes : Here are 11 vehicles available for use, you can create more vehices in a similar way
  • Unlimited missions for player in game : Upon completing the quest, the player will be rewarded with a corresponding amount of difficulty. This is a great way to retain users.
  • Dozens of Achievements using the Google Play Service : 19 achievements have been listed in this game project. Include topics: Completed Tasks, Number of Unlocked Maps, Owned Vehicle Number, Maximum Score, Maximum Number of Coins
  • Global ranking with leaderboard with Google Play Game Service . When switching from the Android platform to iOS or vice versa, you only need to enter a leaderboard id, which is very simple.
  • In-app purchase integrated (Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Amazon, Mac), event sale off include
  • Share Native with image,subject,url for Android, iOS
  • Gift box and Video Ads with time control ( Just insert the number to modify )
  • Unity Ads, Admob
  • All plugins have been integrated into the project
  • Built and tested on both Android and iOS platforms

– The graphics are completely new, the first buyer will be able to use to publish the game right away. If used to build different versions to publish games, this will take very little time

– Take the time to read the tutorial file included in this game project. If there is a problem during the work, we will be ready to help you until the game is published on the store

– Setup information to publish the game: Admob Ads, Unity Ads, Leaderboard, Share Native, IAP..etc, just select the object on the Hierachy tab and insert your id of each item

– All items such as Scripts, Animations, Arts .. are neatly structured in this game project. You can easily search, change the components inside and reskin easily

– Please read the attached Document file (Asset -> Document.pdf for more information)


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