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yPlayer is a must have music player for smart phones.

Its a Xamarin.Forms project.Can be supported in multiple platforms.

There will be an opportunity to learn latest technology Xamarin.It is basically desinged for downloadand play online songs with library songs.

Yplayer functionality

Basically this is a app where user play music online and
from musiclibrary.Also user can download songs.

Reskin instruction

1.  To reskin you just need to replace the images in \yPlayer\yPlayer\TabIcons folder.

2.  To change the color of tab ,you need to modify value in \yPlayer\Droid\Resources\layout

Apart from this nothing else is needed for reskinning.

Install instruction

1.  Install visual studio with xamarin.Follow this links-

2.  Open visual studio solution that is yPlayer.sln file

3.  If you want to debug and analyze the codes..can go through the codes.
IF you want to make an apk file from it,just right click yPlayer.Android project, and click Archive.

4.  Once archived,you need to click publish and then there you go,if you have you will be generate apk file.

Please let me know if you find any difficulty,I am always available.


  • Online songs
  • Library songs
  • themes for music player
  • User can download songs
  • I have developed this app through Xamarin.Forms so can be supported in multiple platforms.

2 reviews for yPlayer App Source Code – Reskin

  1. 4 out of 5

    sophia cook

    yPlayer should have player for mobiles. It is created as Xamarin.Form-project is supported in all different platforms. There is new chance, you can earn through latest technology like Xamarin. It is designed with songs. This shows functionality of player.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Ruben john

    This is ready to play on different mobiles. It is supported and created for all types of platfroms related to mobile. This has new chance and designed with latest songs. Easy-to-reskin.

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