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Best way to trade with digital currency.
Greater security.
User friendly app.
Trade with Bittrex,Exmo,Yobit,Cryptopia,.

App name-yTrader

Tool-Visual studio with Xamarin

1.   Install Visual studio with Xamarin

2.   Make sure sdk paths are configured(Tools=>options)

3.   Open Visual studio solution file

4.   There will be 3 project file(Android,ios,windows) and one pcl project.

5.   this pcl project handles everything.Main codes arepresent here

6.   Admob also integrated here.

7.   In android project this admob implementation project files also there.

yTrader functionality

This is an app where user can trade with coins very securely.
Currently supported exchanges-

User needs to supply api keys to perform any single transaction.

Reskin instruction

1.  To reskin you just need to replace the images in \yTrader\TabIcons folder and \yTrader.Android\Resources\drawable folder.

2.  To change the color of tab ,you need to modify value in \yTrader.Android\Resources\layout

Apart from this nothing else is needed for reskinning.

Install instruction

1.  Install visual studio with xamarin.Follow this links-

2.  Open visual studio solution that is yTrader.sln file

3.  If you want to debug and analyze the codes..can go through the codes.
IF you want to make an apk file from it,just right click yTrader.Android project, and click Archive.

4.  Once archived,you need to click publish and then there you go, you can generate apk file.

Please let me know if you find any difficulty,Iam always available.Here is my mail id-


  • This product is developed through Xamarin,So it will support multiple platform.
  • Currently supported exchanges-
  • Bittrex,EXMO,Yobit,Cryptopia
  • User needs to have api keys for each single exchange to perform any transaction.
  • User friendly-No need to input api keys everytime,it just need one time

2 reviews for yTrader Android App Source Code – Reskin

  1. 4 out of 5

    Jennifer Gallagher

    Through this app you can do trade with source code. It provides security and it’s a user-friendly app which is used with different platforms. You can use Xamarin tool. It can be configured through options. Open visual studio for performing some task.

  2. 3 out of 5

    Lucas Morision

    You can modify it, debug and analyze its source code. This provides us security and it is user-friendly app. we can use these tools for exploring its properties. You can publish new task for transactions.

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