Oct 20

Key Features of Profitable and Highly Successful Mobile Game

By: Anna Louise

Mobile games rule in Apple app’s store claims that 23% stake of all active mobile apps. App’s store offered 396,094 mobile games apps that were double the inventory of last year. As there is no limits in mobile games development, fact is that only few percentage of games are profitable and successful. With millions of Mobile Games you can add extremely competitive space.

1. Possess the profitability formula for Mobile Game.

Find below 3 requirements of profitability includes-

  • Get a high number of installs
  • Audience remain playing the game for a long time
  • Only few users are interested to pay for higher upgrades, status and speed-ups.

2. Offers a compelling platform

Mobile games are also competing, as an average, 25 mobile apps that user keeps on phone and use. This game must offer a good platform with multiple dimensions. Now world of mobile is gone and games can’t compete with other games however the social messaging and entire entertainment space. Now competition is in Facebook, Messengers, Netflix, HBO Go, and Instagram.

3. Take in surprise and delight.

‘Surprise & delight’ can be achieved through the presentation, innovation of graphics, and core game-play mechanics. Top games are also unique, recognizable and understandable. A successful game is seen as new, however also understandable and recognizable. This will ensure that news about Mobile Game is spread virally by non-gamers and games alike. For example, Glu’s Kim Kardasian- it is an innovative title for all fame & fashion’s lovers.

4. Become a brand that can vibrate

If you’re mobile game shows a new IP, an old IP, film, movie of celebrity’s brand. It should match the mechanics. It will also ensure that game is installed with least friction. Game’s brand which vibrates with users will experience growth.

5. Add socially competitive characteristics or feature

Provide users ability to play with others and adds critical layer of depth. Playing with team is also referred to as guild or clan competitions. Studies shows that if a player gets 6 or more of their friends are playing it, they are still playing this game- 30 days later.

6. Include monetization depth

Many players spend their time to play games that are fee. Often they start with only USD 1 to USD 10. But, minority spends hundred, thousands or tens of thousands dollars for lifetime engagement. Now, game should monetization depth for players. Now player should be able to spend tens of thousands of dollars, upgrading dimension of items in game, along with recognizable difference in different levels.

7. Be updated on regular basis

Profitable & Successful games should be updated on regular basis. It means large updates are required with content, level, items or characters.

8. Organize a successful team in company

These enterprises are service firms that know and deliver for target demo-graphics. They should show deep passion for this item.

9. Use model of “Moneyball”

The good established team is line sports teams that win. You should add great player who can manage in all positions and have expertise. Most important, your team has worked together from last many years. Teams are also organized into levels and focused on different master genres- simulation, racing or sports, shooters and simulations. Each label is run by a strong leader, and there are multiple game teams in production simultaneously. Label is then added on plot to mention course.

10. Develop to win hardware

Winning mobile games are built and designer for good hardware platform from base. It is also true for hardware shift, from PC to mobile, arcade to console. You can see for augmented and virtual reality.