Jul 26

3 Methods for success of Game Developers

By: Anna Louise

On the opportunity map, India is bull’s eye when we’ll consider in mobile games. India’s population is like china’s, approx 1.25 billion people. Their culture is open towards western style more than eastern neighbor and although India has lagged in smart-phone usage and adoption. Indian developers are involved in Reskin Apps for Profit and know how to build profitable flipping business.

Like other developing countries, India is getting-up to speed in this technology and industry. However, mobile games developer should know the market with patience. The biggest reward can emerge after 2 to 3 years.

Find below 3 methods mobile game developers can create a mark in the growing market.


India has biggest market and many young and professional people. As per survey 2/3rd of them are below then 35 years age and mostly are interested in this technology. Their mobile evolution is rapidly growing in the world and prices are also cheap. India has jumped properly into this industry. Desktop games are developed for make people.

Top are strategy, action, RPG, puzzles and casino. You can upload your game or Apps for Sale.  You can also include ads to increase revenue through method of Reskin Apps for Profit.  Remember when launching a game in India, remove heavy graphics. Your app should be user friendly. Indian developer has no good experience but localization of game is based on this market. Causal games are played in India; it means you’ve to develop with many visual cues.

The ABCDs of Content

It Spelled Out (Author /    Bias   /  Content/     Date).  Let’s discuss them briefly. First of all we talk about Author, it is important to check source of authors. They should be expert to write about any topic. Bias means, information should cover all sides. Purpose of information should be clear. Also critically evaluate read contents of document. Is the details provided as analysis or overview? Is it relevant?   Also consider date of updated, revised and published. Is information is outdated?

To ask from India, some recommends the ‘ABCD’ of content as Attention, Branding, Communication and delivery.  They believe, games contents should be good and mechanics should be strong to get success.  The popular games are card games, gambling and casino.

Image via 99Games

Developers say that demographics and Age is not the best method to slice it, You should develop a cohort based with internet savvies and gaming experience.

Monetization through familiarization

Mobile game suffers due to some delusion like localization:- Visitors see India as a country where user can’t pay. Thus, India has focused on App Reskinning, now they can develop a game that is modified later in hundreds by changing theme, characters etc. You can also upload Apps for Sale and get money.

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The problem is last mile friction in payment- Apple Company has not added payment options beyond credit cards. Also Google has signed up on cellular ideas. Finally Devs should recognize that India is biggest country. They should meet consumers and companies to get experience.  You should learn how to Reskin Apps for Profit and Apps for Sale. Feel free to send us your comments about A Ice Cream Scoop Dessert.

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