Sep 8

Reasons to Run Game Source Code in Cloud

By: Anna Louise

In 2014 to 2015, has seen the emergence of some strong endorsements for cloud if we talk about games and games source code. It was also said that all games can be executed in cloud. AppnGameReskin also agree with this statement, we are not sure if exactly it will implement to 100% of source code of games will run in a cloud. We should find out reasons of this point. Let’s discuss reasons to Run Game Source Code in the cloud.

Some of larger games studio already architect their games on cloud. Actually, if you want see the games like ‘Candy Crush’, now executable device is a tiny part in Cloud. You can add smart stuff on cloud or on server side. It’s also mindset shift which a developers want to adopt. Know here reasons….

It Costs less

Nowadays, game needs different platforms for launching purpose especially if games code is for mobile. A mobile game needs to launch on android, iOS, Windows on mobiles, smartphones and tablets; now the whole plethora of open console appears in market ends up with different versions of a code game client side source code. Actually, some professional game developer works on at least 15 different of a same game.

It is versioning night-mare and not to mention an un-manageable in medium terms. Moreover, it makes sense to reduce any amount of game’s logics that is happening in client side. We can transfer it to any instance on a server that interface with them all. No doubt, there are many methods or possibilities to minimize the head of versioning issue like control on source code etc.

Game Engines such as unity allows us to write it once and run source code on different devices. We will also combine with some other basic reasons. Now best solution is to love it with a game logic to server if you can.

We can’t Run Game Source Code or game as a service if it’s not in ‘the cloud’

There is a strong paradigm shift to think about games as server- GaaS rather than a Gaap- product. Why it is? In fact, it is not very risky for developers and publishers. There are less oriented that tries to create instant gambling and hits big amount to help the first launch. GaaP to GaaS is perfect method in game’s industry.

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We can move as more effective in game selling stage

There are millions of users those like Free-2-Play model for many reasons. They can recognize these things clearly. You should hire an expert in selling. There’re many levels in this expertise. The most important and basic factor is to design the game. Designer can create scarcity in a world.

We need the cloud to help multiplayers

In this competitive world, a player is one of main issue faces game developers. It is also surprising that many designs overlook one of main strategy in player’s acquisition. Finally, games that are social by design and bring users together to play are viral. For multiplayer, Game center provides hybrid solutions for iOS devices.

Infinite scalabilities

Games source code that couldn’t run on server doesn’t have scaling issue. Now we have to acknowledge upfront. You have to face many arguments here. Now cloud makes scalability easier in this case. We can make whole thing sustainable.