Mar 22

New ideas to sell an Android & iOS Games Source Codes?

By: Anna Louise

You can assume that you are games developer and clients wants to buy your game, do you know how to negotiate with a client and what you should think about these points. In this article, we have briefly discussed all factors related with why and How to Sell an Android and iOS Games Source Codes? Find below some guidelines and description.

Can you legally sell an Android & iOS Games Source Codes?

If you have written source code for games or apps from scratch then it’s new. It means you have not used previous source code or any third party source code. You can make copy of your source code for another project; your game is likely to be composite of source code or other projects. You can use from other game designers and programmers that could be licensed under a variation including open sources like BSD and GPL.

Tip-1: Check all rules and privileges that you may transfer in a sale.

Know what you are selling

It sounds pretty however, it is complicated point that you can have thought. From your point of your, selling game however what’s that game? Are you selling the game or app alone of does client wants source code as well? Some purchases need the Sell an Android and iOS Games Source Codes as they are very much concerned about code, they can find it if game or app breaks. They can’t fix it. It’s actually a business continuity matter. Also, more your clients depend on game or app to use this business.

The challenges to selling source code include disclosing of a secret that makes source code valuable. These selling secrets can give customer or even a competing game developer who encounter the source code. It means you can consider this impact on obligations towards existing clients.

Tip-2: Carefully consider what you’re selling and what the suggestions are of selling it to your client.

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Clearly, define what you are selling

It sounds confirmed however it’s not. In your mind, you’re selling Android/iOS apps or game but how can a client deals, identifies and sells, objectively? Is a game totally self-contained? And in a box that may be determined? It can become more complicated than the present.

How you explain your game or an app however, here are a couple ideas:

  • Add game specification and detailed functional specifications;
  • Describe the functionality, avoid general description
  • Verify game version  and register it with USPTO

If you want to sell code multiple times then it’s also important that the report is clearly mentioned with documentation and contracts to protect all parties. If you’re talking about app’s store then they have some complications like migration of users, app IDs and different issues. It’s also complex issue. You’ve developed game or app they improve success’s chances.

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