Mar 6

The Evolution to sell Android Games Source Codes

By: Anna Louise

Selling the rights to an Android source code or an app is not a tough task. Actually, there’re many methods to sell an Android source code or app for profit. As an Android developer, you have to consider hard about games or app development. To find the client, you need to spend some extra hours. To keep enterprises in working position, the same cycle repeats after some years. In this article, we’ll also discuss evolution and how to Sell Android Game Source Codes?

AppnGame can find the best buyer you; will give you exposure to source code. You can open source code of any game from properties. If you already have game or app, then you can see the dream with our company. You can view CSS file of any page.

Market situation to Sell Android Games Source Codes

You may sell an app through a brokerage or sell app permissions independently. You will find different selling websites. Getting into the business of selling code upon viewing the accessibility of having readymade source code that user may experiment with without having to give-up an arm & a leg. Creating source code from scratch is helping a user in documentation everything about their code. You should know how a user is figuring out the code.

Know about controlling a number of copies of code. How he is developing client by Facebook and how it’s evolved? Thus you have published an iPad, or an iPhone app and wants to expand market. May be you are not a fan of any company like Apple. And you want any other platform to publish it. The natural choice is Android Operating System. You should find out answers about it like what is this? Can you make money on Android apps? What are rules? What is the market situation?

Android operating system is developed for mobile devices like netbooks, tablets, and mobiles. It’s developed by Android Inc. As per AppnGame, this market is approximately 70,000 live apps and code that make it one of largest store. The average price of paid source code is similar to Apple at USD 3.3 to USD 4.

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Developers of priced apps get 70% of app’s price with remaining 30% distributed in carriers, if authorized to get a fee for app’s purchased with their network & fee processors. Profit is earned from Android marketplace is paid through Google’s Checkout accounts. T-Mobile, the main carrier with an Android device began market update with other companies to allow mobile apps to be billed to a account and shows charges on a bill.

AppnGame Notes that high profile, highly-rates Android title generates good revenue then other devices. Although, one sustained top selling USD 5 app or game, consistent 5th place seller, the enterprise’s daily profit is USD 63 for all source codes combined. When comparing to Android that generates USD 3500 per day. However, submitting process is very simple. Many people who succeed in developing apps on Android or iPhone- they put a lot of efforts in it. They took it seriously, so its time to get experience and Sell Android Game Source Codes.

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