Apr 6

Few Facts About Sell Android Source Codes

By: Anna Louise

When developing Android apps do AppnGame sells the code to the customer in an affordable price. Does giving code with APK increases cost of development? Thus you can see how apps or games are developed internally? We should say thanks to this open source platform that its OS is built, you can get information here. In this article, we will discuss reasons and facts of Sell Android Source Codes.

You can use the Android source code in projects; however, the code can’t be used to develop books, articles, etc. We can’t guarantee the source code will fit any purpose. Now it is time to discuss facts of Android source codes. It is an open source platform. It means that the code is available for everyone, such as in GNU/Linux based system. You can download, update and develop own platform. AppnGame helps to the Android community by offering different apps and games.

It would be good for selling source code that people will not do mistake by writing code. In this website page, we may search all details about code system. For example, we have mentioned code with examples. The whole cost is of 2GB; you will require 6GB to execute it. It’s up to your requirements or choice. You will handle it or not. A repository page we can search big projects. They’re code of framework, kernel, apps, libraries, etc.

The main branches of a repository are still in process; some classes are not public like android. View.WindowsManager and android.os.ServiceManager etc. You must have information about classes. Also please note when you’ll sell an ‘.apk.’ file on Playstore. You don’t need to sell its source code! An APK file can’t be updated.  It can be completed if you can edit the source code ‘xml’ of .Java’ that is not possible.

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Establishing an environment to Sell Android Source Codes

In this section, we will set-up the local environment to build the source code files. You should also read about the code-updated and the code-reviewing process. You need to select a branch or can choose to download and create the source code, in which you cam omit the specifications related to a branch. Once you will select branch, follow some tips below to manage the environment.

The Android build is tested in-house on new versions; however most distribution must have tools. Reports of failures or successful on other distributions is required. We need to install JDK and the main branch of Android the open source project needs Java8. There is not available supported OpenJDK-8 package for Ubuntu 14.04. These are successful packages.

Programming a hand-held device is different from that of Web Programming a Personal computer. The device’s functionality is different. For instance, in the computer, the user has full freedom to use operation. However, these devices have no luxury to marionette at the whim of audience.  Handheld devices are economized to compactions, developed to squeeze the max resources. Android runs a virtual machine like JVM in Java. Thus it works to clean the garbage.

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