Jul 2

Best Use of Social Media for Mobile App Marketing

By: Anna Louise

Promoting Mobile Apps on Social Media

Social media is known as most economical & effective platforms for a developer who is trying to promote mobile apps to the viewers. Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook offer all programmers, regardless of finances or size with chance to build huge users of prospective buyers. Along with saturated App Marketing is placing big emphasis on apps with its help. You can earn money by using App Reskin Income big business.

Traditional mobile advertising way is not successful way without financial key. For example making this media a priority, reward viewers for connecting with product, making long term commitment to social media group of people, maintain your tone human and personal, automate that you can do easily it means fresh contents on daily basis, use ‘value first’ approach to content (video, contests, mobile ads, jokes etc), Facebook is biggest channel that helps us to promote mobile apps, 2-fold promotion is done on it, Twitter is another site that connects to audience in great form, Google+ which is a powerful channel (Remaining engaged & getting proactive with businesses here will interpret to higher G- ranking and a greater contact with customer and Instagram is extremely popular  site network that can prove as Twitter and Facebook if used properly. Add pictures that explain about people and app behind any item with lots of interaction with followers.

However this media is very cost effective and helps to make an app and you can publish, maintain your customers here. If you want faster, less expensive and an easier way for building an app from basic then you should make your app in ‘AppMakr’ platform. All apps can integrate on all social websites, thus you may concentrate on linking with viewers and racking-up the download.

How App Marketing / programmers should use social media to promote their Apps?

It should be personal: Inhibitions & Apprehensions about managing Twitter/ Facebook is comparatively high in programmers. Some developers are doubtful about their writing and communication skills. By using this is more effective.  Sometime lack of experience may turn out to be a blessing and helps being you. It’s essential to be yourself and launch it as your voice.

User generated and value based contents: It’s not bombarding viewers with sale pitch however connecting with users. Consider, people follow you on twitter/Facebook page as they’re interested in app offers.
Don’t hesitate from viewers: You’ve to guide your viewers if they’ve trust on you. Here’ you will get option of re-tweet like share post, or simply as fans to provide feed-back. Thus, your app should be useful and according to customer’s requirements.

QR-Codes is best method to advertise, you may add a website, brochures, card, receipts, mailing and storefront.

App developer don’t have to depend on advertising to make an audience and make demands for apps those have free options. Here, make mobile apps and discover Android Apps Reskinning for Fun and Profit.

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