Jul 12

The Best Use of Social Media for Mobile App Marketing

By: Anna Louise

Long days and night efforts are behind one successful app. Developer and its partners spent hours to build a best app that hits the google play or Apple store. Mobile App Marketing is as important as its whole scenario of development.

Once you have created your ideas into application and its finally ready launch and hit the play store. Wait! Your work has not done yet! Here’s come the fun part now. You have to drive people to download your mobile application and makes its rating good in play stores. Some developers thinks that only In app-Purchase is the best way to promote your app and build your audience but there are other ways too that can help to boost the app’s demand.

Two things for optimal use of use media for Mobile App Marketing:

Firstly, don’t forget the best use of your mobile app content.  A good content is first priority to bring visibility of your mobile game in social media.  The content’s aim is to keep your targeted audience engaged. If you’re promoting your makeup app, then you must have write posts for beauty tips, the methods, and announcement of a contest wining free makeup etc. In short, Time to get creative and interesting that crave the user to download and play your app.

You can also create the videos and tutorials of the different makeup tips and steps that can bring significance into the lives of users in a swing of reality. Make content that perfectly describe your app. The main idea is to describe your app in a best way. Let the people excited about your game and with your right call of actions let them to download it. Promote your video and content on all widespread social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus. The core of making video viral is to keep it simple that makes the people to say WOW and crave them to just imagine and share it with friends. This will optimistically lead the masses to download your app.

People love to hear about mobile apps from family and friends and the app’s reviews on prominent social channels, it also brings huge popularity to your app. These reviews are valuable piece of content by the influencers. Let the influencers to spread the valuable words.

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Get Started on the Social Channels for Mobile App Marketing.

Get started on the social media by setting up your profiles and by posting updates that are interesting and exciting.


A best source for networking, it allows you to connect with influencers by mentioning them in your tweets. If the influencers retweet you then a large number of people download your app. So twitter is one of the best channel to hit the influencers and targeted audience directly.  Recently, Twitter also allows you to use content marketing to boost the visibility of your app, to increase downloads.


After Facebook, Google+ is starting to come around. Being the pet project of Google has its benefits. It helps to bring your app in organic search results of google. Hashtag strategy is as important in Google+ as in Twitter and Instagram. Google+ has the ability to auto-create the hashtags. Hashtag strategy is utilize to optimize SEO power. Google doesn’t welcome the over stuffing keywords in content and in hashtags.


With hundreds of millions of users Facebook is the best social channel for app marketing and its promotion to get maximum downloads. The Facebook page gives you a presence in the social media and it’s the best way to gain feedback about your app. Post relevant and peculiar content and encourage users to share your content. Get in the conversation with users for having valuable connections and followers. Facebook’s feature of sponsored and paid promotion is also very helpful to reach the targeted audience and brings more likes on your page.


Instagram have seventy five million active users, the visual marketing is in huge trend. It will defiantly bring good response to your marketing. Talk about the people who likes your app, its unique and interesting features, pictures and videos without talking about the mobile game itself.

Enhancing the user experience:

Fetching users back again and again is the mission of onboard experience. Succeeding in this phase is vital to bring the user back. You can improve the user experience throughout the onboarding phase and afterwards by using a visual mobile analytics tool. Such a tool goes beyond the traditional tool and lets you to display user’s experience, behavior and engagement with the app.

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