Oct 6

What about Source Code Market for AppnGameReskin?

By: Anna Louise

AppnGameReskin is market for source code where developers may buy & sell code from each other. Now objective is to reduce cost and time for app development ventures and projects. We will talk about our Source Code Market in details. There are difference web services platforms that are developed with important libraries of good quality code that is used in projects.

All script is fully supported with different frameworks and programming languages to maintain the quality, these items can be reviewed properly. If you want to build website like Amazon, shopclues, e-bay, flip-kart etc. scripts than it would be helpful. After completing project it is found that idea of selling source code libraries as standalone component instead of chasing next project.

A natural continuation of this idea is that when we could do it- thus could all freelance developers and small shops. We tried to develop this company as a distribution platform for app and games developers looks to generate profit from existing code and help development projects reduces costs and time by production ready code and integrating tested. We’ve launched or submitted different types of source code in our Source Code Market. This contest is also sponsored by some companies like Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Amazon etc.

Main focus of our company is to provide modern and high-quality development environment. In this purpose, we curate source code and hand-pick our developer published on a website, we vouch for source codes on a website and give us full money back guarantee.

How does a Platform works through Source Code Market?

Being a marketplace, there are main 2 sides- the buyer and seller. Seller is professional developer that is applied for an invitation to AppnGame- we make significant efforts and request all over to verify recruit developers. Now a developer may add developed components that are reviewed by staff that is approved in market. A buyer may browse the site normally without any registration and purchase any of available components.

Pakistan is also raising force in Source code market. Pakistan is also best developer community in international market. We intend to invest in cultivating the Pakistan market as it holds a promise. We have included a best package like development methodology and style, creativity and usefulness. It is not limited to encapsulations, concerns, abstraction, readabilities, maintainability’s and loose coupling.

Originality and creativity may compensate for less-mature source code. On a flip side- when a submission is in crowded space like CMS- the code levels needs to be at highest possible to compete. But creativity is also important however a package is useful in world. Different companies are developing games and provide high level services.

Buyers save money and time on custom development to replace it with tested, Readymade Source Code packages and production. It leverages our community of manually approved source code and hand-picked developer. You can obtain notified of bug-fixes and updates with diverse options of license that can fulfill needs and scenario. Moreover, sellers can generate income from library of source code. You should join developer’s community to recognize your skills. We can handle advertising, marketing, legal aspects and transaction.