Jan 27

What Stages you Might Face Becoming Mobile Phone Application Developer

By: Anna Louise

The Mobile Phone Application Developer is a development specialization in creating applications for use on mobile media such as tablet and smartphone.

The Mobile Phone Application Developer Business

The projects in which it participates mainly concern applications specifically targeting mobile users. It can also be the creation of video games. It can also specialize as Android developer or iOS developer.

The Mission of the Mobile Developer

The work of the mobile developer consists of technically realizing mobile applications or sites according to a specification. He is in regular contact with the web designer to coordinate the design for application and project manager before advancing correctly and on time.

The Qualities of Mobile Phone Application Developer

To be a good mobile developer, you need to have a good technical knowledge of different mobile OS. Have a real culture and mastery of the mobile environment. To his technical skills must be added states of mind that promote creativity and professionalism.

Mobile Developer Tools

Some examples of tools that the mobile developer can use to carry out his daily work are following

  • Windev Mobile
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • Neomades
  • Xcode
  • Hypersenses
  • Multiple
  • Xcode for ios
  • Visual Studio Mobile

What Are The Mobile Developer Opportunities?

There is a large variation depending on the employer and the profile of the developer. Generally, a beginner receives a gross annual salary ranging from 35,000 Euros to 38,000 Euros. From one year to two years of experience, he can receive up to € 42,000. With two to four years of experience, he earns up to 48,000 Euros. Beyond six years of experience, one can expect an annual salary of more than 55,000 Euros.

Mobile App Training

While many mobile developers are specialized computer engineers in the web, there are more and more specific training to enter this profession. More and more schools are beginning to develop specialties in this field of a computer, schools offer bachelors, which allow students wishing to become a mobile application developer to have a specialization in the third year? It is also possible to undergo vocational training. Many universities, specialized institutions and engineering schools offer masters in the fields of software development, web development and computer architecture.

Creativity and Functionality

The market, which is still in its infancy, offers a wide range of outlets. A mobile application developer can thus work in either computer engineering services companies (SSII) standard, which will have a mobile service or in “mobile agencies”, small companies specializing in mobile application development.

In any case, he will be part of a team, but this professional can also decide to be freelance and to work on his own account. They are more and more numerous to choose this way, but attention: it requires even more versatility!

This technical side does not, however, exclude creative research. Indeed, a mobile application developer is also involved in submitting functional ideas. Particularly sought after – and therefore well remunerated – this career opens the way to other developments, such as technical director, technical consultant or the software architect.