Start Earning From Your Mobile App Portfolio
Aug 4

Start Earning From Your Mobile App Portfolio

By: Anna Louise

Make money through mobile app portfolio is one of the best things. By taking few risks, you can make ton of money. Many people build apps to get money as a retirement fund. Here are best investment apps for android.

Capital wallet

Capital wallet is one of best gift cards & rewards app for the android users that is available in very ideal price. This offers you best way to earn fast payouts and great customers support that helps you promptly.

Gif Maker

You can create gif using Gyph maker from the videos or from images that is available in the Gallery. All the top features are associated with this best gif app. Gif can create from the videos and added image from the gallery. You can select mage from the gallery and create gif within just few seconds. After create gif, you can share on the social media like twitter and Facebook.

Source code is written by our professional team of the developers. You can also customize it by putting many more features of your choice.


Snapwire is another good app that helps to make money in this list, but this is not as the same as any of the others in this list .it puts the stress on the photographer, rather than just the photographs. This is not just an app for the everyday snapper as for the semi-pro/expert photographer.

There are 2 options for selling your photos, requests and challenges, or in a more conventional marketplace. With the help of Snapwire hand-curates your best snaps, making them searchable and including them in the stock image record. Once you’ve leveled up, you’ll be able to take part in paid buyer Requests or take direct commissions from the clients.

Photographers keep 70 percent of earnings through the marketplace route.


Clashot is an app that is used both Android and iOS where you can make money by selling your uploaded images on the daily basis.

How the apps work is you download the app, take photos, upload them, the clashot team will reasonable and then your images will be on the AppnGameReskin website for sale. If your photos are sold you will earn a percentage of the overall sale.

This app is a cool idea but selling your photos may prove tough so this is necessary that you promote them.

Clashot may also offer you to upload a photo in a different theme so this might also help you to enhance your earnings.

Clashot works perfect on Android phones and has conventional poor reviews on the App Store for Apple devices.

Cash Gift

They say they are the most profitable app of all, this is not the case but this is not the worst app and rightly makes our top 17 apps that pay you in 2017.

Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards will offer you $1 within 3 minutes of signing up and you can even cash this out for an Amazon gift card.

The real reason you utilize these apps is to get cash. The good thing about Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards is the fact which they provide PayPal cash, $3, $5 and $10 payouts.

Other prizes available from this Android app include Play Store vouchers.

You will get paid to install apps and by watching ads.