Jan 18

Top App Templates with Ad-Mob Integration (Android)

By: Anna Louise

In this article, we have gather collection of Top App Templates with Admob integration. A template is based on column’s name, types and other formatting rules. You can use option of attachment, discussion and data. You can use smart-sheets created templates. This type has wide range of collection of Android templates. Every mobile app suits according to your requirements.

Now imagine that you are ready to start your own business of mobile app development. There are chances that you would like to use development practice for first mobile app; however you need to code it on urgent basis. You can also monetize app as well. It will show you in some easy methods to launch ad supported mobile app project.  In this article, AppnGame has introduced highly versatile and customizable app templates that you may in next projects of development.

They have Google’s admob monetization platform integrated into them, thus you may build a profit based stream for mobile app from beginning. You can download app template from AppnGame, platform.

Android- Top App Template

1-      Universal Multipurpose Android App

It is versatile and flexible mobile app template which is customized for broad range of designs. Additionally, it is built in Admob support, it can integrate easily with more than 10 different provides including Facebook, Youtube and WordPress. It is native app and comes with an extensive documentation to support when you get started.

2-      Universal Android Webview Mobile App

This app has simple and easy goal- bundle of apps web view components with ads. This app has many extra and latest features like geo-location, pill-to-refresh gesture and material design styling. It helps app development in HTML-5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap and other technologies however at the same time provide its web responsive designs and native code as well.

3-      Web2App

This app is another template which provides us Android WebView components. It is fully packed with latest features. This app template also offers many countless possibilities for modification and customization. However it is very comprehensive documentation with step-by-step guidelines and easy video tutorials.

4-      News App

This is news apps and helps us to run own news platforms. This is based on 2 components- a PHP with MySQL Server and Android customer. It provides you full control on AdMob, allows us to enable and disable all features as per requirements. It is an internationalization ready mobile app and with RTL mode that is very easy and come in hands. If you like to add languages other than English then you can add.

5-      City Guide – map app

City guide is location aware guidelines and places mobile app for platform. It features 8 different color themes, responsive design, animated effects and some others. However, it is developed with configurable, written code, and documentation will make getting started a draft.

6-      CookBook- & Material Wallpaper App

Cookbook is also android based template and best to share these recipes. With customization and configurations code, you may develop your own mobile appp with little time and efforts. Material wallpaper is perfect way to attract the customer of market. It will handle market sections.