Jul 12

Top Gaming Trends That Will Rock 2016

By: Anna Louise

Nowadays, development of Games is not restricted territory. By using open source platforms, developers are providing interesting and fantastic ones. However, games rules in iPhone roost in-terms of operability and absolute classiness unlike Android and others. Though, Android is very popular platform and operating system. 3D Apps are now in demands like Xbox and play-station games.

Let’s discuss mobile gaming trends that you should know. You also need to know about the App Development Analytics tools.

Approximately these games are expected to earn in USD 20 to 30 billion on yearly basis. If you’re still not surprised, what about this- Every minute in mobile make up 47% of all screen time. If you’re in business field you’ve to advertise or promote, now above these figures can attract you.  The main way is using branded mobile games. It can fulfill your company requirements. Their concept is not new.


In case of branded game, a client will use your website again & again. When a player enters into this game, you’ve them catch for session duration. During this time, their introduction will be given to you as message (i.e. Chipotle Scarecrow game). Juts in first month, this month set 18.4 million (conversation) on 17 different networks. A game needs to support version of your brand. Raising responsiveness of brands through branded games is perfect technique however it works when game makes sense.

In this year, mobile gaming income will reach USD 17.86 billion globally. As 60% of USA population plays mobiles and video games. Some key factors shaping Mobile Game Development like China is trending, increasing adoption of smart-phones and tablets, Evolution of mobile app ecosystem and Growing Cost / Install (CPI)

Find below new mobile gaming trends that are expected in 2016:-

1. The Rise of Mini Games

Mini-games or snackable games collected in form of larger apps. They don’t need any set-up or additional installation steps.  This is socially integrated to promote sharing as well as competition in friends.

2. Expansion Packs

Expansion pack is another weapon that can raise battle to hold users. This is not exact new idea but you can look for it. In this competition at user achievement cost and all-time high to reach new heights, it’s logical for programmers to invest some in keeping current users happy.

3. Mobile Games for All Ages

For users, reaching their retirement age has to spent lot of time in computerization world. There’re some games like Apple-II was released in 1977.  However seniors can’t show large part of mobile gaming. And most importantly they lean to view phones in positive way.

4. Subscription Games

In US, subscription service is available for everything. Viewing the path of Amazon and Netflix, it looks that it’s just matter of time before mobile gaming starts in given direction.

5. Mobile Gaming trends that goes internationally

Increasing of Affordability and availability of mobiles around the world gives more revenue. A hotly anticipated customer Electronic show In Las Vegas, last week gave latest trends and ideas in mobile gaming technology in 2016. They said companies must focus on titles of mobiles and applications.

1. Made Just-for-You

Ask for famously determines deliver item and the fact that many users are exploring the game world. It means it grows with time. To meet the market challenges, developer should know audience requirements. For instance, making new puzzle game with amazing & cute creature that are designed for females.

Limited prospective for E-Sports

They can develop for e-sports on mobile games platforms. No doubt they’re popular for PC, however it’s very difficult so people will play these games in mobile by touching it. On mobile it would be easy.

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