Mar 6

Tricks for a Better Score in Bubble Shooter Game

By: Anna Louise

Colorful bubble shooter game is popular among people. There are numerous ways to get a high score in this game. You could do so without doing any tough work. Now you can beat your best and the best score by working smart in your bubble shooter play.

Your score is the representation of your star rating. The day is no later when you will be a top-ranking high scorer. It requires knowing the game well, researching well the opponent and playing the game in smart ways. Let’s discuss some key factors to do high scores in any bubble shooter game.

Play smart while shooting the bubble

First of all, plan your aim well and make sure that the bubble lands exactly where it should be. Piling up bubbles are difficult to get rid of at a higher level.

Play quickly

Clear all the bubbles quickly to beat the time and keep moving towards the next level.

Construct a clear path

Smaller groups of bubbles are not supposed to be worried about. Catch the larger ones and drop the smaller groups. In higher levels, there may be small groups blocking the larger ones, so it needs to make a clear path to the big groups.

Wisely plan your bubble color

Next bubble color can be seen at the top of the screen. This is your advantage to pop the same colored bubbles together. Custom App Development Services.


You also can switch the bubble. Firstly, focus on the wooden and stone bubbles to knock them out for the elimination of potential problems. The powerful fire bubble can knock out the wooden and stone bubbles in one shot. Finish the level using the least possible shots to get the bonus points. Rescue the baby in the level and drop all the bubbles for a big score. One slight mistake can ruin the perfect score. having a rewind in your boost bank can help indeed, Tap on it to rewind time to undo the mistake.

Develop a mini strategy to play from top to bottom. This is a fun game but also can be a little tactical. Follow these tricks and Easily clear your levels in this game and score like up to the mark!