Jan 5

Why we should use Unity Game Templates?

By: Anna Louise

Producing popular and engaging game needs tedious amount of planning, web design and development. You may resort to begin from pre-made mobile Unity Game Templates. You can add your own logic with monetization option like in-app purchases and ads. It will save your hours of game development and designing. Unity is engine that allows us to develop professionally and top quality 3D and 3D game. This platform involves ignoring obstacles in running fashion.

It is powered with UI- game manager that allows us to edit the mobile game in Unity. The source code of this game can be updated and changed easily. All documentation and texture is added with source code download of mobile game. You can easily build block in this templates & publish on different platforms. These services can be integrated.

As a professional developer you have many options to select the game engine. Now selection turns the spectrum from 2D engine to features 3D power-houses. Now game engine cost may vary from millions of dollars. With all these options it is difficult to select the Unity game that is suitable for project. Developing video games you need dedication, expertise and lot of work. You must use Unity game engine. You can develop shooter game and generate high level requirements of profit with top quality levels.

For unity 3D, if you want to generate thousands of revenue then this is best choice. You can add other important features. Unity 3D and Java uses C++ so it is perfect skill set. It has own store. Unity 3D is also known as best interface where a developer makes simple games. Thus, by following some steps you can work on these template assets.

This template asset includes:-

1- Authentication Script/ Simple Game Center

2- Buttons are shown in beginning and the end of the game includes Achievement, Leaderboards, Facebook & Twitter links and sound toggle.

3- Simple adds good artwork & animations for the beginning of the mobile game and the death of the player.

4- On-screen guidelines or instructions in the game

5- Use ready-to-use code or scripts.

6- The main information of the mobile app is also gathered in a script to make the easy setup.

7- Ad helps with interstitial ads & Banner from Google.

8- High-score & Score mechanism

Unity is very interesting to learn. It has no bugs. If you will edit template so just hope for the best. It has simplest interface and setup is also simple. You can customize artwork or graphics as per your requirements. You need to add some characters &change background music. Each template has manual where you will see detailed instructions to follow. You can save your money and time by using these Unity Game Templates. You can use app reskin template feature to change it quickly as it is safest option. You can create lot of templates as well but you need to check license first. Best of Luck!