Jun 8

Is it worth hiring a Mobile App Development Studio?

By: Anna Louise


In this era of technology, we’ll use our ideas in field of mobile applications. It’s not very surprising. This industry is trending towards upward from both business and customer perspectives. However, to start app’s development you can do some sort of research work. You need to search types of mobile apps to make money if you consider ideas as next hit such Snapchat or Instagram.  If you want to improve your company, you can crunch numbers to mention if it is worth to create mobile app in business sector. Let’s read ahead.

However, most important, how much you can spend for developing mobile app?

One question remains in my mind all the time. If you consider 10 users, you’ll see 10 different answers. The answer, it depends. It can’t give any answer as you can see however give me analogy you can relate it with. What is total cost to buy a car? You can’t mention all in one answer. It’s based on many factors; however same applied for mobile app development.

These numbers are not managed in stone however they can give us idea about price range. There’s not price either. Mobile app continues to cost us amount which is required for development. You can consider the analogy of car. You can see gas, change the brakes, tires, and get regular maintenance and more.  With some factors which can influence the development’s cost. It’s also good to hire a mobile development company. An experts has good experience to build mobile apps, here we can clarify prices. You can also decide the cost for hiring a app developer at your end.

Factors or Elements that influence development

It’s also important to get details before starting work. We can recommend you to jump into stage of app’s development with clear strategy, plan and objective for app.  We should consider some points

  • What is basic function of mobile app?
  • What is budget?
  • How you can make a plan to build it?
  • What is time-frame to produce and launching the app?

You can consider the strategy, thus we can download and find a way to get high ranking in app’s store. Thus, start writing a plan for business in app’s development. It must recognize that there’re many stages to develop a mobile app. You have to make plan and budget it accordingly in every stage. To verify that you’ve got money to pay on every stage, you can see about funds sources.

The final point I want to mention about money halfway by project because of poor planning about budgeting. Now you’ve got an app which has no worth and there’s no way to get more money. If you’ve business then it will be easy for you for secure findings. We can use that money from checking account of company to pay this. You can take loan from bank and borrow it for securing business.

We can discuss paying cost for workers shortly, we can see complete guide to break and mention the factors impacting cost of development cost into main types like overhead, complexities, server hosting, operation system, who creates it and what is type of mobile app?

We can see and explain these factors in detail if you want to understand things better about cost.

Overhead– According to definition, it consists of fixed or indirect cost to run business. If you’re running app’s business then you can get treat.


If you’ve an infrastructure or existing company in place then you don’t need to hire anyone to help with mobile app. We can also work in IT department as marketing team. But if you’re running your own business from scratch and wants to launch mobile app, you should take some help. The main companies have 5 or less workers.

Thus, consider if you are planning to hire users that help for completing the process. You can pay them. You can see some sort of stake in your studio or company. You can see how to pay users and to perform maintenance of app after launching it. It depends on how much effort and time you’re also expecting to people. Maintenance can very to fill the position. To build mobile app, you can see improvements and changes on a way.

It’s true, no app is perfect.

However, highest apps have glitches and bugs that are required to work.

Your work would not be immune to this.

Promotional and marketing cost comes under overhead category,

What is marketing budget for promotion of app?

It’ only need.

Mobile app gets so many downloads to make money if you know about it.

If you’re running business then it would be easy for you.

You should have marketing channels as well like website, social media platforms and email.  With these methods you can get a lot. Promoting a new app from basic level can be expensive.


What about its complexity?

Your answer is complex app.


Complex apps

  • Multiple languages
  • Complex backend
  • Real time outputs
  • Third-party support
  • It’s for experts
  • Required Cost- USD 150,000+

Thus see the features, structures and app’s functionality.

Check the categories

You can see basic features to create an app on low rate. However you can see intricate design and also complexity can be expensive.

Data hosting location and servers

We can touch this part in last, however it’s worth to discuss it.

Hosting plan and server will factor into development cost.

However just see app has back end server can be expensive as host.


Even if you can create an app without server then it’ll cost of at least USD 25K, If you can complete it professionally.